Jan 23, 2019


I stitched!

Last night, bolstered by a cup of tangerine tea, I hooked up my lap stand, took a deep breath, and decided that I was going to put one stitch into Red Velvet Cake or else.

It was very slow going, and first it felt very awkward, but before I knew it, I had completed another whole section!

Here's a picture of my progress:

Oh, wait. I forgot.


(Because, let's face it. Without photos, this is just a long rambling mess of drivel from a neurotic old portly broken down lunatic spinster.)

(And nobody needs very much of THAT in their life on a random Wednesday.)

I suppose it will all work itself out, but confess that the stress of not being able to use my iPad to engage with the world in this way kept me tossing and turning last night. I finally embrace technology and then it bites me in the heiney.

Today will be a day for research into how to solve the problem, but if any if you have insight that would keep me from throwing a perfectly good iPad across the room, that would be swell too. (Once again...I am able to compose a post using Blogger, but if I insert a picture of any kind I get an "Error 400...unable to publish" message if I try to save or post it. Text only seems to be working just fine.)

The big black dog (*) is still here with me, I'm afraid, but tomorrow I will visit with Dr. Melfi, the surgeon, and then my family doc for a good look-see. Between the three of them, I'm sure we'll come up with a solution...even if it's eat more kale and ramp up the morning treadmill time.

(But I'm really hoping it's more along the lines of eat more doughnuts and ramp up the stitchy time.)

Another very heartfelt thank you for visiting with me down here at the bottom of the well, Dearies. I am especially grateful for the personal notes and all of the beautiful pictures on the social medias.  (If one is going to lie flat on one's back in the cold dark mud of wallowness, it sure is nice to have sweet notes from friends to read and pretty things to look at!)


(*) Does anybody know which author used this metaphor for the d-word? I knew once, but forgot...Hemmingway? Roth?  

(It's here that I should clarify that I am in no way implying that big black dogs are in any way bad. It's just an expression that I have always used because it stuck in my little brain.)

(But I am completely terrified of big black dogs...both the actual and metaphorical kind.)


  1. Winston Churchill

  2. Just googled that nasty little error and found this. Hope it helps! https://blogging.nitecruzr.net/2009/05/error-400-bad-request-when-using.html

  3. Hooray on the stitching....The Error 400 resolve should
    happen soon... So many gifted people have suffered the big
    black dog....revel.....

  4. Churchill often referred to depression as a black dog. It's a no-good, vicious junk-yard dog if you ask me.

  5. those of us who own big black dogs take no offense and it is an very appropriate description for the "d word"... hang in there! :-)

  6. Winston Churchill introduced us to the notion of depression as a black dog - well, that's what's generally understood. However, this article https://www.noted.co.nz/health/psychology/black-dog-where-depression-metaphor-comes-from/ sets out the case for it pre-dating him, if only to his nanny! LOL

    Great that you're back to stitching. Red Velvet is one of my favourites among your current projects. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that you might keep it in the basket this go round until it's finished. I hope your very own Dr Melfi can give you a boost today and that you're feeling more like your usual self very soon.

    Sydney, Australia

  7. My next tablet will not be an Apple. I find them difficult.

  8. "Darn it" sometimes lingers a short while and sometimes needs help to chase it away - had both meds and myself to be back to perky again, but it seems you are already tackling it yourself and hope the visit with the doc helps. Great to see you back in the stitching saddle!

  9. So glad you were able to stitch!! It looks great! Now hopefully you are feeling better too :)