Dec 21, 2018


Oh my goodness, what fun I had yesterday!  After chatting with you, I got myself clean and shiny and headed out to the hinterlands.

This is first thing that greeted me when I walked into the Michael's!
When I built my little dream house in 2004 I declared that I wanted a big red sleigh for my front yard filled with presents.  I swear to you on all that is holy...I looked and looked and looked for one every year for twelve years, but alas, I could never find one.

(It's a good thing I'm in the apartment and there's nowhere for me to put this, because I would have tied this sucker to the bumper and hauled heiney otta there!)

This is what I went in for:

I saw Miss Caroline on Off the Grid stitching on one of these and decided to give them a try. They are frames covered with aida. They come in a pack of three and normal price is $9.39. (I used a coopun and got it for 50% off.)

They're nicely finished on the back side;

I also got this little bin to store Christmas whatnots...I think it was 70% off:

From Michael's, I headed to the pharmacy to pick up two meds that cost a bloody fortune, but I didn't let this ruin my day. Instead, I stopped at the Martin's and got a nice big salad for dinner and a few small other things to tide me over, and I headed home to watch the TeeVee and stitch:

Today i am in the d-chair doing my thing, Dearies! I will have tomorrow off to do a little more grocery shopping, and then it's back to the d-chair on Sunday so that we can have both Christmas Eve and Christmas Day off.

So that's it for now...just behaving myself and looking forward to a latte on the way home as my end of week/attendance treat. Who knows? I might get jiggy with it and go peppermint today instead of cinnamon!

What's jiggy in your neck of the woods today? Come tell me alll about it.


  1. Glad to hear things are going well!!!!
    Looks like you are ready for a grand finale!! Enjoy your day.

  2. Okay, I'm going to sound like an advertisement but, honestly, I have no ties just a super happy consumer. Coni - look up your meds on I have great RX insurance but using goodrx is saving me $75 a month on just two meds over what my insurance cost would be. I couldn't believe it. If you aren't already doing it, check goodrx. Here in Tucson we are scheduled to be in the upper 70s/ lower 80s for the next few days and then are expecting a wee bit of rain and a giant cool down on Christmas and after. I made a trip to Costco and the grocery store today and now I need a nap. What a madhouse. Hope you have a wonderful Christmas!!

  3. That sleigh is a beauty - and it's a real pity that you have nowhere to install it (and then store it for the rest of the year!) at CS2. Rats.

    Your stitch project seems to be progressing well. A fee nee very soon?

    Sydney, Australia

  4. Look at you cruisin' on Miss LJP's piece!!! Way to go. For the sleigh - God works in mysterious ways. Mmmmmmm

  5. Merry Christmas Coni! Thanks as always for the pleasure of reading your blog. Wishing you a wonderful Christmas and the very best for 2019! (And your stitched piece is amazing!!!)

  6. Oh my golly that sleigh is wonderful! Canadian Micheal's doesn't have sleighs! I should write to someone about that. Great buys and your stitching is fabulous as always :)