Dec 20, 2018


Well, good day and cheerio, Dearies!  It is almost noon and I am in the Happy Chair with my second cup of damn good and the paper, freshly rested, feeling fantastic, and ready to tackle a Thursday. I slept very well (and for a long time) in the big girl sleigh bed last night, and since today is an "off" day, I get to do whatever I darn well please!

It was a great stitchy day in the chair yesterday...
Miss Lori got me hooked up and told me to "sit quietly and play with your toys", so I did just that. I somehow managed to almost complete two sides of the inner border, and did so while listening to Christmas music in my headphones. I didn't get "crashy" until the very end, and managed to remain conscious and upright almost the entire session.


Last night I was a bit sleepy, but Magoo and I watched a few episodes of "Escape at Donnemara" on the Showtimes, and then a bit of the 76ers game. I wanted to stitch, I really did, but my eyes just wouldn't cooperate and kept closing.

Today I am going to run to the Michaels, the Targets, and the Martins. I want to check out something I saw on Miss Caroline's Flosstube (Off The Grid)...small frames with aida already attached and stretched. I believe she said she found them at Michael's, and they look perfect for small quick ornament projects.

Target will be uneventful, alas. Only a prescription that I have been out of for two days. (Yikes!) I am normally much better organized about keeping my pill boxes full, but this time it got away from me and they had to place a special order.

Martin's will be the best stop, because I'm shopping for my Christmas feasting. I decided on shrimp cocktail, stuffed shells and a lovely salad for Christmas Eve, and ham, etc for Christmas Day. I might also gather a few little things for an antipasto, since it is very likely that Monday will roll around and all I will want to do is "pick". I also need to replenish my d-chair snacks...grapes, Vitamin water, pretzels, etc. I normally try to get those things at the Costco, but my sherpa is in New Jersey at the moment visiting his mom for Christmas and I don't feel like lugging big boxes up the steps today.

Goodness gracious, will you listen to me prattling on about the most mundane details! I'm certain that there was a time when I had a lot more interesting things to report, but...this is my small little happy quiet life for now, be it!

Happy, happy Thursday, Dearies! I hope you are having a wonderful time of it no matter where you are. Do something fun and come tell me all about it!


  1. You have a sherpa - you're very fortunate. ;)

  2. Sounds like a great day.
    I really do like Laura J's designs!!!

  3. P.S. your stitching is great as usual.

  4. Coni I think God every day for my small quiet happy life. I’ve had enough drama and emotional pain for three lifetimes. Be happy.

  5. Er . . . . . Thank God that is.

  6. Small, quiet and happy sounds like a fantabulous life.❤️

  7. Fabulous progress on your stitching Coni.

    Sydney, Australia

  8. It's great to have a simple happy uneventful day! Hope you had fun shopping for your Christmas dinner. It's nice you're willing to share details about your life, I enjoy hearing about what you're up to!

  9. So happy to hear that D Chair experience went well, but to be able to stitch, too! Awesome! I might have to drop by for Christmas Eve fare - love shrimp cocktail. lol

  10. Hope Friday's chair time goes well for you! I also hope you got in all your stops yesterday. Target is on my list for today. Enjoy your day, Coni!