Nov 20, 2018


I've never been one to rush the holidays. I like them to unfold with their own natural rhythm and pace...Halloween...then Thanksgiving...then Christmas. I like the build up. I like the anticipation. I like the planning and futzing and arranging of things.

So I find myself sitting here on the Tuesday before Thanksgiving so excited for Christmas I can hardly stand it.  This is unexpected and unusual and a little discombobulating for me, but I've decided to go with it.

The shopping for Thursday is complete and the big 'ol Butterball is doing its de-thawing thing in the fridge. I'm pretty sure I can do most of the prep tomorrow morning with a little help from Magoo, and then Thursday is going to be nothing but feasting and footballing and basketballing and parading all day long.

But then comes the weekend.

I have dialysis on Friday, but I have already planned my day to revolve around all things stitching. I want to plan and futz and ponder and kit and bag and organize and enjoy the 2018 Official Basket of Spinster Stitcher Christmas Fun. Perhaps an ornament or two will make an appearance in the chair. Who knows? It will be wherever the holiday stitchy gods take me.

CS2 will get tarted up, I promise. I'm already thinking about lights on the balcony and presents under a tree. I'm ready to jingle my bells all over the damn place, Dearies! As I told Magoo on the phone yesterday "We're gonna have a fun old fashioned family Christmas if it kills us".

Stay tuned for New Year's plans. I am hoping to don a pretty dress and kick my heels up someplace...even if it's the living room and 4:00 in the afternoon. Then...a full day of planning the new year!

But first...Tuesday. Buzzy and Beepy are doing their thing and I am enjoying the good cheer of my pod mates. There is a lot of buzz about the food that is going to be enjoyed. For a kidney patient, many things like mashed potatoes and gravy become a rare treat, indeed!

Pretty light today, Dearies! Enjoy it from your corner of the world and come tell me all about it!

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  1. Cannot wait to hear your plans! Hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend!