Nov 21, 2018


It took a hot minute. but I finally figured out what the heck day it is. Today is Wednesday...Futzingday, which means I am happily futzing about.

(Well, what I'm actually doing is sitting in the Happy Chair post-quiche writing to you, but futzing happily nonetheless.)

Today I'm cooking a few things ahead of our feasting tomorrow. First up is Ina's Sagaponak corn pudding -- a recipe I have loved for about ten years now I think. Then, I will make Magoo's stuffing --something completely new to me, but it is his very favorite.

(It's basically a big Italian meatball that you put up the turkey's heiney...ground beef, garlic, breadcrumbs, egg, parsley, salt, pepper, and sharp provolone.)

All of the other sides will be made in the morning, and yes, there will be enough food for at least twenty eight people even though there are only two if us because that's the way I roll and have always rolled thankyouverymuch.

Once all of this fun has concluded, I think I will clean up the kitchen, have a hot scrubby, and then settle in with some stitching. I haven't had needle in hand in far too long, so I need to remedy that immediately.

How are things in your corner of the world today? Come tell us all about it!


  1. Am having to take a break from stitching due to tendinitis in my right arm from too much stitching. :-(
    I have been working on things that don't go on stretcher bars or frames that probably would have prevented the tendinitis.

    We Canadians have already celebrated Thanksgiving, but join with Americans for Black Friday -- so I did a little retail therapy today.

    Susan Anonymouse

  2. LOL - must try Magoo's stuffing ...that sharp provolone sounds like the kicker ingredient.. Speaking of kickers, I
    just finished making a molded cranberry/beet horseradish sauce that is a tangy complement to ham or other meats and
    poultry. Been doing it for years and turns out a winner
    every time. Next on the agenda...the CS2/Coni/Magoo and blog followers cooking marathon collection in print.. Hoping all
    here have a blessed Thanksgiving, remembering those who might
    be alone, without Family or victims of the CA fires.

  3. LOL :) Love the Magoo stuffing idea! We're having our usual fare this year and hopefully some stitching time in the evening! Happy Thanksgiving to you both :)

  4. Oh my goodness, Coni! Thank you for the chuckle about the Magoo stuffing!

  5. I am interested in this stuffing. Do you shred the cheese and just mix it in? I am still battling the cold that doesn't seem to want to end so I just spent the day with bad tv and my stitching.

  6. Hi, Khristine!

    You mix the ground beef, garlic, egg, and breadcrumbs...salt, pepper, and parsley and brown it in a pan. I used 95% lean beef, so no need to drain. Then, after it's cooked, add chunks of the sharp provolone. The cheese softens and melts in the bird as it cooks.