Nov 2, 2018


I've never really been a TGIF type of person...mostly because my weeks haven't really involved having to people or wear pantyhose...but Holey Schmoley am I happy it's Friday today!  I've been "off" this week. Not feeling particularly well. A bit on the blue side of things. Sleepy.

It's probably just a little tummy bug or maybe a small Crohn's flare, or a diverticulitis thing, or maybe all of the above, but here I sit with my fuzzy socks and Buzzy doing his thing with nothing else to possibly complain about.

My two besties from Lima will be here tomorrow morning with their husbands, and I couldn't be any more excited about it if you told me Jeffrey Dean Morgan was going to show up with waffles and a puppy. This will be my very first experience of doing something in a group in which I am not the resident spinster, so I am excited and terrified all at the same time. I hope and pray I can keep the circus monkey chattering and crazy flop sweat ramblings to a minimum and just remember that these girls are my family and they already know I'm a lunatic.

I am particularly interested to see how JB interacts with them, since he is not known for his outgoing nature among people he doesn't know, but our friends Barney and Norma will be there to buffer if he gets too shy.  Plus...both husbands coming are huge sports guys, so I'm thinking that will be an immediate ice breaker.

Trying to be spontaneous and not planning every single second of the visit is just about killing me, but I have to remember that these are grown up adults on a minibreak weekend and not a kindergarten troupe that needs wrangling for a trip through the zoo. They are coming here for a hockey game and to bask in my sparkling wit and charming personality.

What could possibly go wrong?

I did finish the witch's little robe for her before tucking her away nicely in the WIP bin for next year, but I didn't do any stitching after that. I broke out a few things to play with...both WIPs from the autumnal section of the bin, but I just wasn't quite feeling it and went to bed early instead.

No stitching in the chair today. I want to finish watching the last two episodes of Outlander in preparation for the premiere of Season Three this Sunday, and catch up on Flosstube videos.

So that's it for today, Dearies. I hope your very own Friday is perfectly swell and that the weekend ahead is full of all things fun and stitchy for you! Come tell us all about it!


  1. Coni - could you share what flosstubers you follow?

  2. Hope chair time went smoothly today! Rest well tonight so you will be able to enjoy the weekend with your friends. It will be a fabulous weekend for sure.

  3. Hope you have a wonderful weekend Coni. Your friends just want to spend time with you and catch up and enjoy your company, so I think it might just be a matter of relaxing and letting things unfold. Have fun.

    Sydney, Australia

  4. Have a lovely weekend, and I hope you are feeling rested when your friends arrive. Enjoy your time all together!

  5. I hope you had a lovely weekend with your friends! I took my 9 year old to his first concert. It was a local band that he loves and he had a great time. I did too actually :)