Nov 1, 2018


Happy November, Dearies!

I was determined to wake early, clean the apartment, take a hot and scrubby, and then hit the Happy Chair with a new project today, but here it is 1:30 in the pm and I have yet to finish my damn good. Alas, I fear that my best laid plans will be for naught.

Speaking of...methinks I will fill in the witch's robe and THEN stash this away for next year before moving on, because the idea of leaving the poor old gal flying about with a see-through cloak is more than I can handle:

I do like her purple stripey hair though:

I'm really hankering for a bit of canvaswork, or perhaps I will return to my Wendy Moore class piece from so long ago. Those will stay as "home" projects though, since they will be a bit on the large side. For the d-chair, I think I might pull some smaller WIPs with a Fall theme. Either way, I think I'm ready for something different.

What's on your list for November? 


  1. Love (!!!!) the witch's hair. Just perfect.
    You give me hope that I can once again begin to stitch and get something done!!! You and the other stitcheries are an example for me as I want to accomplish something in the stitchy arena. In the meantime I enjoy all the comments and the spirit of camaraderie I see on this blog.

  2. I'm going to finally start plum street cinnamon stars- I've been waiting years and decided now is the time

  3. Still working on Pumpkins 4-Sale -- trying to stay with one project at a time. Love your witchy-poo!

  4. I'm itching to start something new, but have to finish two gift items first. It's hard to wait!

  5. Thank you for explaining your desire to put this one aside, Coni.

    Sydney, Australia

  6. You could tell yourself she's wearing the invisibility cloak, even if it is a little wonky!!! Now why would you you need to work so hard cleaning when jusy a few days ago you were in punyville???????
    My November stitching will be pretty much as usual, whatever I feel like - with a couple of gifts thrown in for fun.

  7. At the moment, I am working on Let Us Be Truly Thankful by Heartstring Samplery. I have more fall things in the pile for November. Enjoy your Friday!

  8. Yes a see through cloak is never a good thing :)

  9. For what it's worth: the style of the lettering just doesn't Do It for me. I have trouble reading it. I'd be tempted to find another alphabet style....
    Besides that -- The rest of it is Cool!