Jul 18, 2018


Slow but steady progress on Summer at Cherry Hill. I am hoping that today will be another excellent treatment time, much like Monday was. My tech positioned the needles just right, and I was in a chair that has always brought good luck, so I ran at full speed for the entire session.

No stitchy time last night, unfortunately. Lovey and I settled in for a movie called "Rememory", and I had to pay attention to the plot. I thought it was very good, and it starred one of my favorite actors...Peter Dinklage, aka Tyrion Lannister from Game of Thrones. Lovey was not as impressed, but it occurs to me that a viewer of "Glow...the Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling" might not have too many legs to stand on.

Today promises to be another pretty one...sunny and breezy with low humidity. If at all possible, I hope to get out there any enjoy it this afternoon when I come home. 

That's the report for a lovely Futzingday, Dearies! I hope yours is swell and that you get to play with something that blows your skirt up!  Come tell us all about it!


  1. Hey, Coni, Glow is very good and Betty Gilpin was just nominated for an Emmy. Lovey has excellent taste!

  2. You are making some progress!! Hope treatment went well today!