Jul 19, 2018


We seem to have this quiet relaxation thing down. Yesterday's treatment went very well for me, but not so much for the machine. The poor thing was more beepy than usual, and was sent back to the workshop for computer repair.

I felt well enough to play golf, but alas, it was league time at Notre Dame and there were no times available, so Lovey and I opted for dinner and Netflix viewing instead. (We had grilled chicken kabobs on rice and watched all of the comedians in cars and elsewhere.)

Today is promising to be equally as nice...a nail appointment for me, work for Lovey, and then we tee off at 5:30ish. If the weather permits, I hope for a float after...then dinner....then stitching.

Next year we're going to plan a vacation during this week, I think. Lovey is literally twitching himself into a snit without anything to watch and he's driving me a bit batshit. I love this man, I really do, but Spinster needs some stitchy time in the Happy Chair without having to participate in the evening's TeeVee selection and viewing! The only good thing about this is that he now knows what it feels like for me to go without needle and thread for extended periods....twitchy, indeed.

So that's the report for a Thursday, Dearies. The weekend is almost upon us, so I'm keen to hear what's on your agenda.  Something fun, I hope!


  1. I've been recording the Tour de France and watching it in the evenings. It's been super exciting, and I'm not even a bicycle rider. Oh...and the scenery is AMAZING. I cannot imagine that wouldn't satisfy his "sporting TV" needs.

  2. Enjoy your day, Coni! Yesterday's chicken kabobs sounded super.

  3. Here in Australia it is winter, we currently have Rugby League, Rugby Union and Australian Rules Football abounding perhaps the google can find some of this for him to watch xxx

  4. Oh dear I giggled at your mister driving you batshit :) Hope he has calmed a little since then.