Jul 20, 2018


I got the center chair today, so I'm trying to distract myself from my rather chaotic view. Do you suppose that I am the only person who feels compelled to get out of my chair and tidy those bloody shelves?


But I am doing my Buzzy/Beepy thing instead and minding my business and doing my job as a compliant, bathed, happy, quiet patient.

(The bathed part is apparently the most important, and I was told that I am among the favorites because I know my way around a good strong body wash, a twice daily scrubbing, and the liberal application of Secret deoderant.)


Who knew that simple personal cleasiness could make me so popular? All this time I thought it was my charm and sparkling personality, but all it really is is that I smell like soap most of the time.

Mister Lovey Spinster and I played a total of fourteen (!) holes of golf last night befrore it got too dark to continue. I was rather pleased with my stamina, but am definitely paying for it today with soreness and fatigue. The good news about this is that my day today involves nothing more than chair time, and if I play my cards right I should be able to sit quietly and stitch.

I brought Red Velvet Cake back out to play:

Pizza for dinner tonight, and maybe a movie or two, depending on my energy level after treatment. I am determined to feel good enough to get organized for the weekend, though, so I suppose I better hope for the best!

The weekend is here, Dearies! Here's hoping that your little corner of the world is perfectly swell and that you're doing something fabulous! Come tell me all about it!


  1. have a nice calm relaxing day with your beautiful stitching!

  2. Please keep taking good care of your funny self, dear Spinster Stitcher.

  3. The Red Velvet Cake project is delightful.
    Have a great weekend. I plan to be inside doing my usual: reading and stitching.

  4. Those bloody shelves could certainly use Coni's organizational skills and determination...You are moving mountains with those 14 holes and all else you fit into your days. You must be a delight to stand next to in a
    closed elevator...whiff...hmmm...such lovely fragrance.
    How has another weekend happened so fast? Have to get prepared for it.... Hoping you have good chair time results and a relaxing aftermath, dear one.

  5. My first thought was, "If only those cubbies were filled with knitting yarn and stitchy things it would be a much nicer view." Sounds like your chair time may be helping your energy level. I'm so glad you're getting out and doing some fun things.

  6. I’m afraid those shelves would drive me crazy! Your stitching is comb along so beautifully.

  7. Those shelves might look untidy, but I bet that the workers know where every item is and how many there are. The tubs are all the same color, it looks like labels for everything. It's the top counter that's needing a cleanup to me. Hooray for another good round of golf and stitchy recovery day.

  8. RVC is looking good, Coni. And thanks for the chuckle about being clean. Enjoy your weekend, Coni!

  9. They definitely could use some Spinster Stitcher organization in there for sure! I can just picture how you would pretty it up :) And Red Velvet is gorgeous!!!

  10. As a nurse for many years, now a nurse practitioner, I agree with your team’s noses’ assessment. Love people who know how to bathe!!