Jul 29, 2018


Quiet day today. Mister Lovey and I had a late bagel and then ran errands for a few hours. Then it was home for dinner on the balcony and a little Philly sports radio on the speaker thingie. 


I am contemplating a hot bath and then a little TeeVee and stitchy time before hitting the big girl sleigh bed for a good night's sleep. My snacks and socks and leggings and big tops are ready for chair time this week, so now all I need to do is decide which stitchy projects to play with.

Nothing too new or exciting to report, which is exactly how I like it these days...slow and steady thankyouverymuch!

Happy Sunday to all! Here's hoping the week ahead is full of wonderful things!


  1. Glad you had an enjoyable day including some balcony sitting! Hope today's chair time goes smoothly.

  2. Stitchy days in comfy clothes are always the very best!