Jul 28, 2018


I woke up at the crack o' dawn again today, so we made good use of it and headed to the golfing course to get some fresh air, sunshine, and exercise.  It was just such a picture perfect day today that I didn't want to waste it inside sleeping...(even though that would have been my preference were it not for the Mister tapping his toes).

We played eighteen total holes, and although I did not play particularly well, I really did enjoy myself and managed not to get too terribly worn out.

Now that hot showers have been completed, it's time to hit the sectional for some baseball and stitching. I never knew myself to be such a sports fan, but I suppose all those years of watching Bravo housewife drama prepared me well for the ebb and flow of a game.

Not sure what will strike my fancy just yet. I am leaning toward Red Velvet Cake, since that silk through linen is just so very....soothing.

So that's the report, Dearies. I hope your very own Saturday was lovely and everything you wanted it to be. Come tell me all about it and what your plans are for a perfect Sunday!


  1. Coni, you amaze me! I never realized you were such a jock! After brunch with my hubby, I plan to stitch, stitch, stitch with a few breaks for some exercise (since you set such a wonderful example!).

  2. I had an enjoyable afternoon, after a morning working. Stitching with good friends for a couple of hours and dinner with another friend from out of town and lovely conversation! Tomorrow I hope to get in several hours of stitching!! What a concept for me. Coni, have fun with Red Velvet and silk!

  3. It sounds like you had a good day. Brunch and stitching are the only things on my list for Sunday at the moment.

  4. My Sunday is all-but over (in Australia), and I managed just an hour of stitching and very little exercise I'm afraid. I do have a nice pile of freshly laundered caravan curtains though, so my day was productive in a different way.

  5. A soothing stitch sounds so nice! I am grinding through a piece that has been a WIP, well, let's not talk about how long it's been a thorn in my side. I am determined it is going to be done and stop annoying me no matter how much I have to grit my teeth to make it so.

  6. I wish I had half your energy and good attitude. :) Keep on keeping on!!