Jul 30, 2018


This is my favorite chair in the pod. I have a view of the fountain, the pond, and all of the ducks and ducklettes playing in the morning sunshine. It reminds me of an old Esther Williams movie.

I am more tired than is usual for me on a Monday, so methinks I will curl up with YouTube on my ipad while Buzzy and Beepy do their thing. Needle insertion went very well today despite poor Buzzy still being sore and bruised from surgery last week, so I am praying for a good run at full speed.

I do have stitching with me...Summer at Cherry Hill...but I don't know if I want to tempt fate by squirming around to hold the q-snaps comfortably. Hopefully we can remedy that this week with the arrival of a lap stand that doesn't require both hands. I spied it on Miss Vonna's blog and got the info from her, so fingers crossed that we finally have a good solution for stitching in the d-chair!

Other than that...no news is good news. I am looking forward to a week of stitching and salads and some pool time. Here's hoping that it stays quiet as planned!


  1. Maybe someone in the Outpatient place can place the Q - Snaps for you? Who knows... you may inspire a new stitcher?
    Ruth in Oxnard CA.

  2. Glad to hear buzzy is behaving, but sorry about the soreness.
    Hope you can resolve the snap situation.. needling is a great
    distraction from daily distractions, other than that lovely view...…May the rest of the week be uneventful, relaxing and
    as planned....

  3. Hope the soreness soon fades! Thinking of you!