Jul 5, 2018


Remember how I said that I was going to start rotating projects every Sunday night? But, I think I also said I reserve the right to stay with a piece if it's still striking my fancy.

This is still striking my fancy.

I think I might try to finish the blue area before moving on to something else, since I seem to be in a decent rhythm and can move pretty quickly through it.

Rich is due to return from New Jersey this afternoon, so there is tidying to be done, makeup to be applied, and hairs to be arranged. I always like to have things in order when he comes through the door, and if I could pull it off I'd do the potroast and pearls just like a 1954 Westinghouse ad.

Now where did I put my lipstick?

Hot and humid still in these here parts, so methinks there might be some pool time to get my exercising in. It's a bit cloudy out there today, but that just means I will have the water all to myself.

Speaking of...
My nails got spiffed up yesterday with a color called "Water Park". I like it, but can only imagine Stewey's horror at a 52-year old with blue nails. 

(Sometimes I think I do these things just to see if he will come haunt me.)

(And yes...the fact that my fingers do not match my toes is indeed a very large problem. As soon as the order arrives from the Amazon.com today, I will remedy that toot sweet.)

That's the Thursday report from the friendly confines of CS2 today, Dearies! I hope you are off to a roaring start and that whatever you do makes your heart sing!


  1. Sandy in GeorgiaJuly 5, 2018 at 12:18 PM

    I like your nails and you lovely cross stitch!

  2. Wow! Great progress! And love your nails!

  3. I love the fact your fingers & toes don't match - very cool xx

  4. Coni, you have made fabulous progress on your flag stitch. I really like the mismatched nail colors between your toes and fingers. Enjoy your day!

    PS It is too warm for pot roast unless you are cooking it in the crockpot. Hope the water exercise was good!

  5. You have BEAUTIFUL hands ! Mine are full of age spots and my nails are made of paper ! Thanks for sharing !

  6. Such a beautiful project. I don't blame you for not wanting to rotate it yet!

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