Jul 9, 2018



I am just plain tired this morning and hurt from head to toes.  I suspect that this is the result of the Spinster Olympics this weekend, but man o' manachevitz...I am beat!

Ten minutes to departure for D-chair time. My bag is packed and ready to go with the essentials...
(book, headphones, socks, drink, snacks)

(The neck pillow, tushie cushion, and blanket stay in their bag in the car.)

I'm hoping and praying for a quiet, pain free treatment today. Last week was a bit brutal and this here portly old gal could really use a break!

Thank you for your t-shirt orders, Dearies!  If you asked me for shipping charges, I should have them for you tomorrow after a trip to my friendly neighborhood post office!

The new week is upon us and we're off like a herd of turtles! Methinks I might sekect a new stitchy piece to play with tonight! The mood is striking me to rotate, so rotate I shall!

Here's hoping that things in your neck of the woods are wonderfully swell today. Come tell us what's blowing your skirt up!


  1. fully prepared!! Best of luck!

  2. Sending... love, hugs & prayers, Cathryn ♥♥♥

  3. What a delectable feast and fantastic carry-all... Hope
    the day goes well for you and that the exercise pays off
    in strengthening of body and purpose. Knock it out of the park, dear one.

  4. Hope everything went well! And I can't wait to see what project you chose to work on :)

  5. Sending hugs and prayers!😋