Jun 11, 2018


Happy Monday, Dearies!

Sorry for the little break in coverage of all things Spinster, but Mister and I took a little drive up to Saugatuk, Michigan for a day, and I needed ample time to stress about it.

In between the stressing and fretting and packing was the eating and sleeping and dialyzing.

Notice what's missing?

I swear, these stitchy droughts are not intended...they just seem to keep happening. Maybe it's the universe's way of telling me that I need to switch it up and work on a different piece for a minute.

Anywhoose...all is well here. We had a wonderful trip and enjoyed ourselves immensely. Now it's back to reality today and I'm moving very slowly getting there.

Thank you for all of the anniversary well wishes. Can you believe it's been 10 years sunce we met? 

Here's hoping that your very own Monday is off to a swell start and that your week ahead is everything you want it to be. Come tell me all about it!


  1. Coni, your time away sounded super. Saugatuck is a nice little area. Hope there wasn't too much stressing about it. Have a wonderful day!

  2. I'm glad to know that you were off having fun with the Mr. and not having a rough patch!

    I wish I had something exciting to share. I'm waiting to be seen at a doctor's office and then it's off to the grocery for the things I forgot to get over the weekend. I am trying a new dish this week- spiralized zucchini with roasted red pepper sauce. We're trying it with salmon. And trifle for dessert, just because!

  3. Hummm, if given a choice of spending time with a Mister or spending time with stitching I know which I would pick and not even fret about it. A widow who knows. Enjoy.

  4. So happy to hear Mister and Saugatuck were occupying your
    weekend.. The stitch bug will bite when you are ready for
    it and then off at your usual pace and skill....Have a
    good week, Coni dear.

  5. I envy you and J.B.! I love Saugatuck. Visited there many times when I was younger, but now it has been a number of years. Did you have a good time?

  6. So good to hear you are out and about, sounds interesting. I haven't stitched for what seems ages either. Robyn

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  8. How wonderful! So glad we had nothing to worry about.

  9. Yay, I’m glad to see you back. It’s great that you managed to have some fun, life’s been a bit tough lately, you deserve it xx

  10. So glad to hear you are out enjoying yourself! I started a new job a week and a half ago and am now just finding the time to catch up on my blog reading and some stitching too! And don't worry about your stitching, you will stitch when you feel like it :)

  11. I love Saugatuck! I've only been there once, but it's one of my favorite vacation memories. Congrats on taking a few days to enjoy everything.