May 26, 2018


Mister Spinster and I have two very different ways of menu planning, grocery shopping, and fridge stocking. He's more of a "stand in front of the open door and see what still looks good" kind of guy, and I'm more of a "let's try to make this look like a spread in Martha Stewart Living" girl.

So we headed to the Martin's...armed with my menu plan and lists and coupons and came home with enough stuff to get us through the next several weeks, if not the entire summer. Then, after Mister S carted everything upstairs and headed to the pool, I channelled my inner Ina and putzed for almost two full hours:
I made a fruit salad, a pasta salad, a Greek salad, deviled eggs, and tiny little ham and turkey sandwiches on cocktail rye bread. We've also got burgers on English muffins, Italian sausage sandwiches with peppers and onions, and baby back ribs all ready for the grill, with corn on the cob and brownies for dessert.

The freezer is full of frozen berries for smoothies, bagels, buns, and enough chicken to feed an army, and the pantry has crackers and chips and pretzels and chips for snacking till doomsday.

Silly, I know, but I think my honeybuns is missing the shore terribly this weekend, so I wanted to try to make it nice for him. Anybody who has ever lived by the ocean will tell you that there's just nothing like beach life, and despite a pretty day and a swimming pool, I think he's homesick.

Now it's time for me to shower and change. I can't seem to stop sweating today, so methinks I am really feeling the effects of heat/humidity and dialysis, or I've just stepped from the vestibule to the parlor of menopausal hell. 

It's just not easy being me.

Stitching and movies this evening...I promse! Hope your day is swell!


  1. All the fixings look good, Coni! I would love to know your recipe for the pasta salad. Now, I have a hankering for fruit salad followed by brownies. Enjoy your evening of stitching and movies!

  2. Wow, Coni, I need to print that picture of your fridge and post it on my fridge! Even after I do a fridge clean out/up it doesn’t look like that. Your Memorial weekend menu sounds great. Hope you and Mister Spinster have a wonderful holiday. What happened to spring? We went straight from an extended winter to the humid heat of summer.

  3. You must make a trip out here to the East coast with Mr. S this summer, Coni. I live at the shore at the tip of NJ (familiar place for your man, I think) & you are right...once there is sand in your shoes....well, you miss it more than you realize. This Memorial Day weekend has been beautiful so far, but there is, as always, rain in the forecast late tonight & possible thunderstorms tomorrow but temps are in upper 70s with a beautiful ocean breeze in the evenings. Any time you want to visit, let me know. You & your NJ boy are welcome anytime. We have a beautiful FREE beach, an exciting boardwalk, many, many restaurants & theatre but best of all, we have 2 shops you could go into MAJOR debt over! A needlework shop in Ocean City, NJ & a cross stitch shop in Cape May, NJ (I live between the two in Wildwood Crest). Meanwhile, stay healthy, be cool & enjoy your weekend as we all remember the reason we are privileged to celebrate!

    1. Oh to heck with west Texas!...*packs bags for Connie As' house*....

    2. Haha! Love it! Bring your sampler stitchin' and come join me on the beach!

  4. Hope you both have a wonderful holiday weekend. :) I know I'm originally from Michigan and I always missed Lake Huron terribly and swore one day I would go back. I learned you can never go home again and I never did. Now I never can. Life's funny that way. Love, hugs & prayers, Cathryn ♥♥♥

  5. Yummy it all sounds delicious. I never plan my meals in advance. The most time I spend in preparing meals is an hour if I am baking chicken, etc. Healthy eating to you!

  6. Yes, when you miss the ocean it is sometimes overwhelming...I lived by the Bay of Fundy almost all my life, and I miss the salt air, sound of crashing waves and even seagulls! Your food spread sounds really wonderful! I hope you and JB have a marvelous weekend! xo

  7. A virtual feast for the holiday!! You are the most organized, no-nonsense queen of refrigerating...NJ was my
    original home with vacations at the Jersey shore and I echo JB's longing for the sound and feel of the surf, especially on Memorial Day Weekend...the "opener"...Just
    watch the size of his yearning come Labor Day.. the "closer".....that was the big one....

    LaborDay...the "closer"

  8. I live on the coast of Maine, so I well understand how he feels. There is nothing like that salt air. Good for you, taking such fine care of him, Coni!

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