May 26, 2018


Remember last Saturday? I planned a day of reading, stitching, and resting, but ended up hither and yon instead.

Today, though, I am determined to rest.
Provisions must be gotten, and then it's back to CS2 for salad making, TeeVee viewing, and stitching. It's in the 80's today with 80% humidity, so methinks inside activity is the order of this day. But first, the paper and damn good are calling.

Not much of a report, but a report nonetheless on a steamy summer Saturday, Dearies. I hope that your very own day is wonderfully swell. Do something fun and come tell me all about it!


  1. Not necessarily fun but I've just planted 100 more pachysandra. At least I finished before 10 a.m. Humidity and temps similar here at Toad Hole. Enjoy your lovely day!

  2. Thunderstorms dancing overhead as we speak, with more of
    the same predicted for the weekend...may have to scratch the pool and club and turn to the needle...not so bad...
    Your day sounds well appointed...Enjoy!

  3. Hope your day was wonderful Coni, rest and stitching!! xo

  4. Sounds perfect! Hope it went exactly as you wanted it to.