Mar 23, 2018



  1. A little at a a time gets er done!
    Today my back is killing me, which makes it feel as if I broke my butt. Literally. So stitching is the only thing I will accomplish in addition to trying to catch up on Flosstube. I am still watching the Christmas vids...of course, my tree is still up. Anyone else? Just me? Okay then! xo

  2. Hi Connie, Hope all goes well today with Buzzy and Beepie and friends. I am so sorry this is all difficult but I hope and pray it starts going better very soon!

    I am working on the Summer Mouse House by Just Nan, just finishing up backstitching, adding beads, and the assembling. This is the last one to finish as the others are all completed. They are so cute but I am over mouse houses :) Also, have started the Shepards Bush Earth Gatherer. It is huge! But I love the colors and ended up buying the series on Ebay. I just missed out on an auction for the Come Tarry with Me which I think you completed last year. I have totally fallen for the SB patterns. Also working on Celtic September from the Vickery collection. Don't know what possessed me to start on that but I did. The colors are very vibrant but it will definitely be a long term project. I really like having a rotation.

    I won't talk about what patterns have been purchased but I feel the need to stock up since I hope to retire at the end of the year.

    Your stitching looks great, I always look forward to see what you are working on. Hugs to you and JB. Hope you have a feel good, relaxing weekend.

  3. Lookin' good, Coni! I love anything by PS.

  4. Hope today went better for you...use the weekend to regain your bearings and enjoy relaxing with JB. Your
    latest project coming along beautifully. Finished with
    the snows yet?

  5. Hi Coni: I see you have great progress on your design.


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