Mar 29, 2018


My treatment was relatively OK, so I looked forward to a night of stitching and celebrating.

Guess who decided to have back spasms and leg cramps all night long instead?  Bad enough that I tried (unsuccessfully, I might add) to sleep on the floor, in the Happy Chair, and on the sectional. I finally gave in, took a muscle relaxer and two Tylenol, and sat at the kitchen table.'s not easy being me.


  1. Oh No! Hopefully today will be better, maybe a good nap along with some stitching. I just feel this will all get better, you certainly are in my thoughts and prayers.

  2. Because of a back injury that resulted in nerve damage I too suffer from back and leg cramps and spasms. As a last resort my doctor gave me a very low dose of clonazepam which is I believe an anti-anxiety med. Anyway after many years of struggling one before bed and my back and legs relax and I can sleep at last. I was skeptical but . . . It worked.

    I hope you can find something that will bring you relief. You’re in my thoughts.

  3. Oh honey, I hear ya!! Next time, please just take the muscle relaxer instead of trying to 'tough it out'. Unless there is a medical reason you shouldn`t of course. My feet (nerve damage) were so bad the last few days, so last night I took an extra med (doc approved) and had a wonderful nights sleep. They make me feel very stoned, but as I was sleeping, that was fine. Just listen to your body, it will tell you what it needs, ok? Hope you get some stitching in today. I got my hubby to go to 'The Michaels" last night and get me one of those three tiered carts on wheels that all the flosstubers seem to have. My wips are all in the living room, and the basket by my chair was getting out of hand. I can see why people love them...they hold a LOT, and now hubby doesn`t have to cause an avalanche everytime he needs to get to the bookcase, he just rolls it out of the way. I may get another one for the bedroom. Beware though, it seems the percentage off coupons don`t work for the cart, which made me very cranky. So not fair!!
    Have a wonderful day Coni, thinking of you always. xo

  4. Oh honey I'm so sorry. Have them check your magnesium levels.
    Hugs and prayers for a better day today

  5. Awww.. had hoped you were going to "ride" on that decent
    treatment experience... go know .... It will eventually
    become regulated so that you can recover readily from
    those chair days and get the rest you need in between.
    Praying you through....

  6. Coni, damn, that is lousy. I'm sorry you had to go through that!

  7. I hope you start feeling better. I have had back issues myself and the pain is just horrible. Take care and you are in my thoughts

  8. When my spinal arthritis chases sleep from the possibilities for my night, like isaaksbaby, I rely on clonazepam (1/2 of a one mg tablet) to relax enough to snooze. It’s prescribed for me, but I use it only for this purpose and cut it in half with my trusty pill cutter. I get a good eight hours’ sleep and can face another day of ol’ arthur and my TENS unit. I’m afraid of sleeping pills but can periodically handle a half dose of the tranquilizer. If I rely on exhaustion to put me to sleep, there’s no rest if I do doze intermittently. I don’t know if your kidneys can handle this solution, but you might discuss it with your doctor. It seems to me that right now you’re “gutting it out,” and Heaven knows you’re the lady who can do that, but if there’s something that can help you, there’s no weakness in asking. Your med team knows by now you’re not a whiner, so if there’something they can do for you I’ll bet they’ll do it

  9. Coni, so sorry to hear this. Sending... Love, hugs & prayers, Cathryn ♥♥♥

  10. Oh man! Hope today is going better!