Mar 30, 2018


The marks on the linen aren't from the magnets...they're from the photocopy of my chart. I had it folded over, and it appears that the ink rubbed off onto the fabric.
No worries, though. I will just stitch over all of it and consider it a lesson learned.

A little more progress. I had hoped to finish that entire bottom section yesterday, but as always, overestimated my abilities. So instead of this being a March finish it might continue on into April.

That's the report tor a Friday, Dearies. I am gathering my wits and fuzzy socks and will head out for the chair in a little bit. Hope your day is everything you want it to be.  We're hurtling headlong into the weekend!


  1. Happy to hear you solved the mystery of the dark marks on your fabric! You aren't alone when estimating stitching progress/time on Prairie Schooler designs. I hope your chair time goes smoothly for you today, Coni.

  2. Hummmmmmm....I wonder if the ink rubbing off my photocopy is also what's happening to me. I didn't even think of that. I might need to take some precautions against that in the future....maybe put a white piece of paper between chart and fabric. Thanks for mentioning this!

    Your project, as always, is stitching up beautifully.

  3. I kept meaning to ask you about the marks. When I make a working copy, I stick it in a sheet protector so the toner/ink does not rub off. I have never had an issue as a result. (You can by a pack of 10 and cut them down to accommodate the folded chart page.)

  4. I'm glad you figured it out (to avoid in later projects) and you'll be stitching over the marks so they won't cause you any problems. (I still see that woman with her hands on her hips but now she has spiky hair.)

  5. Who would have thunk it? Glad you solved the mystery and
    Ginger has the perfect solution....As for timing, I just
    finished gridding half of my Washington panel and thought
    I would have all completed by simple, but time-
    consuming. Who is holding the stop watch and monitoring
    anyway...go at your pace and enjoy the ride. Prayers for
    an easeful time in the chair and quick recovery.

  6. I have done the same thing with charts before. Now I just make sure only the blank side touches my fabric. Thankfully yours was in a place you will be stitching over! Looking good!

  7. An early greeting: Happy Easter to you and your Jersey Boy. I hope your day is restful, and fun and full of jelly beans and bunnies!

  8. Get a WET ONE and dab at the marks. They will come out. My friend laid her white fabric down on an open HOT PINK marker and a big, bright pink blob appeared. She almost cried since it was a Mirabilia that was almost done. The Wet One took it all out. And that, my friend, is my Easter gift to you. LOL Have a fabulous weekend.

  9. Coni - before you dab it with anything. know whether or not the mark is from toner or ink. They behave differently with cleaning. If it is toner (the powdery stuff) make sure you clean with COLD temperatures as heat will quickly set the stain. Cold is probably best for ink as well, but toner "melts" with heat. Just so you know.

    1. Thank you so much for this comment. The black marks that appeared on my hand-painted fabric (I'm stitching mira's snow queen on it) definitely started out "powdery," and then it smudged right into the fabric. I couldn't figure out why the heck black powder was blowing around my house and thought it had to somehow be the magnet from the needle minder. Now I'm almost positive it was toner, which I can't seem to remove (it looks like bits of black dust stuck on the fabric). At least I'll know what it is for next time.

  10. Pesky chart! And letting the magnets take the blame besides.

    Your piece is beautiful!