Feb 27, 2018


In case you're wondering about my dot painting obsession...the artist holding the mug above is called Kerry Park.  Kerry is a Canadian artist...a 2015 kidney transplant recipient...and my new hero obsession.  Her artistic handle is The Dotted Turtle, and I simply cannot get enough of her gorgeous work.

(Plus, there's the whole kidney inspiration thing!)

Another incredible artist I've enjoyed is Travelling Kindness Rocks.  Here you can join a pattern club with proceeds going to various charities across the world.

What can I say?  I'm hooked!


  1. Your work and Kerry's are gorgeous. I'm not allowed to play with paint - let's just say the resulting color mess always looks the same - an odd shade of mud. I'm inspired by your work. You have true artistic talent in every medium. Love, love love the dots.

  2. Love the mug! And the handle looks big enough to be useful. Most handles on mugs are worthless, ya can't put your hand in them. I have a grip problem so need to be able to slip my big arthritic paw in the handle. Or else I'll be wearing or slipping in my spilled cup of damn good.
    The Good Lord seems to have filled you with an abundance of artistic talent.

  3. WOW! I'll check them out as soon as I can!

  4. Fantastic, where can I buy items from Kerri?

    1. Hi, Anne! Her Instagram and Facebook addresses are under The Dotted Turtle. I'm not sure, but she might also have a web site for purchases.

    2. You can email me at thedottedturtle@gmail.com

  5. It appears the Lord leads you down meaningful paths...not
    only artistic but courageous inspiration found there..and
    another medium in which your talent will excel...Enjoy

  6. I can see why you fell in love! That is so beautiful and I had to tear myself away from staring at it to leave a comment.

  7. Kerri's work is beautiful!! I have purchased several items, some as gifts and some for myself. Whenever I give Kerri's artwork as a gift, the recipients love, love, love their gift. Kerri's story behind the design is so touching and heartwarming it brings tears to my eyes every time I read it. Her passion shows in every piece. Kerri is a true hero! Love watching how her artwork evolves.