Nov 24, 2017


Well, today was a little different than planned.  We went to Goshen, Indiana to pick my sister's car up to take it for snow tires, and then we ate salad and I took a nap.  Now I am trying to get my wits about me so that we can join some friends for a hockey game and then shenanagins.

(I'm an observer of the shenanagins rather than a participant, but I still manage to have fun.)

Tomorrow we will return the car, and then I am determined to tart up CS2 with all things Christmas if it's the last thing I do.  I suspect thete will be lots of adjustments this year to the usual decor, since we are sans fireplace or garage door over which big wreaths are normally hung, but we'll make do.  I might also have to break out the skinny tree this year that Stewey hated so much know.  The space availability in an apartment is very very different than in a house, so methinks some creative juices will be flowing (as well as a shaky reliance on high school geometry).

Sunday will be Stitchy Day...back to the Wendy piece.  I'm anxious to see how far I can get, but promise myself not to rush through.

Monday is surgery day.  It's time for Buzzy to get checked and tended to again.  I'm dreading it, but looking forward to a few days of quiet recovery in the Happy Chair.

So that's the life of a portly spinster tonight, Dearies.  I better scootch and get my face on.  Time for hockey!


  1. Coni, enjoy the hockey game and the shenanagins! I hope you will share a few pictures of your Christmas décor.

  2. Hope you had a fun time at the hockey game! I'll be thinking about you Monday.

  3. Cannot wait to see how you decorate CS2!! And good luck tomorrow!