Nov 24, 2017


Nobody died from eating my first attempt at making a whole turkey.

Everything came out of the oven at the right time and piping hot.

My sister and I were on our best behavior and didn't ruin the day with tears and recriminations.

My Jersey Boy ended his meal with roasted chestnuts (the last package of them at the Martins and the produce guy took pity on me and found them in the back because I told him it was the only thing that the love of my life requested and if I couldn't find them it was going to completely ruin my holiday).

I got to spend time with this little fellow:


  1. Thanks for the Bosco pic, Coni! You made my holiday with that!

  2. Sounds as if a good time was had by all. What more could you want? I would say this can be marked as a "Most Successful Thanksgiving" Yippee! Here's hoping you're planning a most relaxing day - far away from the maddening crowds- to rest, regroup and maybe stitch! Happy Black Friday!😚

  3. I'm so very happy for you that this year is ending on such a high note! Your Thanksgiving sounds lovely!

    Wishing you a joyous holiday season,

  4. Enjoyed seeing Bosco this morning! I am glad your Thanksgiving went off without a hitch. Enjoy your day; hopefully with a bit of stitching tossed in the mix.

  5. Your happiness is our happiness....roasted
    fitting for the day .... may the glow continue today as you recover and rest on the laurels of a perfectly prepared Thanksgiving feast. Bosco looks so content....

  6. Sounds like a successful turkey day especially with loved ones, family and Bosco. But I thought you didn't like turkey so noarmally got the turkey that tasted like ham?

    Susan Anonymouse

    1. Indeed, dear Susan, you are correct! I do not particularly care for turkey, but it is the all-time favorite thing about Thanksgiving that Rich looks forward to...he loves real turkey and the way it makes the house smell as it's cooking, so I had to just go with the flow.

  7. Yay for a perfect Thanksgiving! Love those pants Coni! And so happy you and Bosco got some cuddle time!💕

  8. Sounds like the perfect day and love the picture of Bosco there with you.

  9. I love seeing Bosco on your lap, and I'm so glad you had a civilized visit with your sister. Your first turkey. Awesome! I'm 54, and have yet to cook one myself. It has to be a record, and not one I'm proud of, but I'm grateful to have relatives that always cook it on the holidays.

  10. Ah, Bosco. Truly a thankful day!

  11. Oh Bosco! I bet he was some happy to see his auntie! And it really sounds like all the stars aligned for a perfect Thanksgiving. That is wonderful!