Aug 12, 2017


Library guild was lovely, and I even managed to return and then re-borrow another bag full of books.  

My project today was Needle Delights Originals Poppers:

Only a few rows to go on this one, so I really should stop fooling around and just..."get er done" they say in France.

We had a wonderful lunch at the Hacienda, and I ended up with enough leftovers to feed a small village for a week.  (Or, in my case, enough for dinner and possibly lunch tomorrow.)

I was doing just fine on the ride home...singing to the radio, enjoying the pretty day, and thinking about how much I love my guild sisters...when I looked up and realized that I had driven to the old house and had pulled into the garage again before realizing that I don't live there anymore.

Dang it.

That's about the third time I've done that.  I drive right down the street and up the driveway and into the garage like I know exactly what I'm doing and then I realize that I'm a boob and now have to pull out of the garage, the driveway, and the street and actually go to the apartment.

I guess I better stop doing that before somebody new lives there.


When I finally DID make it home, I contemplated pulling on the bathingsuit and going to the pool, but I hit the big girl sleigh bed instead.  I suppose it's a good thing I fell asleep inside, since after four hours (which is how long I was out) I would have been one very crispy hushpuppie indeed.

So now I'm going to have a bite, wash my face and hands, and get to it.  I started binge-watching The Newsroom again last night, so methinks I might do a little more of that and see how far I can get on that Sunflower Bellpull.

Happy Saturday!  Hope yours was equally as lovely!  WooHoo!


  1. I love that Poppers! So cheerful.

  2. That is a great piece! Coni, I retired 1 1/2 years ago and my car still wants to make the turn that will take me to work. I swear, it's not us; it's our cars. They have actually become semi self-driving autos!

  3. Poppers is looking good, Coni. Glad to hear you had a good guild day and meal! You aren't the only one to do that; I think the cars are on auto pilot.

  4. Amazing what we do when on autopilot! I'm sure that will be less of an issue as time goes on. Enjoy your stitchy day!

  5. I love all of the colors on this. It just looks happy.

  6. Love the colors in this one! And I can see driving into someone else's garage as a bit awkward even if it used to be your home haha! Not going to lie I am looking forward to reading that post.

  7. Coni, that is hysterical ! It is auto pilot :) Don't worry, it will wear off eventually.