Aug 12, 2017


I'm up, semi-caffeinated, and showered.  The only thing that I can think of that would get me out of bed at this hour just has to be stitchy I'm off to Hoosier Heartland at the library.

Last night's progress on Sunflower Bellpull:
'Scuse the odd angle...I had to move the linen on the q-snaps and didn't want to take it off today for a photo.  I think I am about 70% complete with this one and should be able to finish it in the next few days if I'm diligent.

That's the report for a Saturday morning, Dearies.  I hope your weekend is swell, that your needles are flying, and that you'll do something fun and come tell me all about it!


  1. Enjoy your time at library guild today, Coni! We have already been over to the farmer's market as well as Yoder's Market. Have a super Saturday!

  2. We're thrilled you are taking some mental health time, Coni. And envious, I'm sure. Enjoy the weekend, Missy. -p.

  3. Have a great day at Library Guild. So glad you are having a special fun day.
    I did something fun last night - finally. We took number one son, and his new fiancé out to dinner to celebrate the engagement. We are so fortunate to have sensational daughters in law. Well, after a wonderful evening at the wine bar, talking about her new job and wedding planning and three bottles of wine for four people, accompanied by lots of food that included what each of us felt was our most perfect dessert, wonderful husband and I finally arrived home and realized the sweet spot was passing. What sweet spot? When you can go out and have some drinks with your kids because they are old enough. And why is it passing? Because we can really no longer spend the evening sipping wine and feasting, without feeling like we are wuzzies and have no business drinking or eating so much anymore. But, the good news is sometime late in Sept of 2018 or early Oct 2018 there will be a big fat Greek wedding.
    So this morning our kitty tried to get us out of bed three times to get him breakfast...and I hear the sound of milk frothing which means the life-bringing, life-sustaining, like-awakening cappuccino is almost ready. My husband really is the best barista.
    Prayers continue.....

  4. Finish off the caffeination and get thyself off to another
    good time among kindred spirits. Sunflower is progressing
    beautifully ...30% in a few days would be amazing.. but I am not surprised you will do it... Hope you are feeling rested with more lightness of step. A great weekend in the offing... Did you wink, as instructed?

  5. Coffee and a day stitching with friends...sounds like a great day ahead! Have fun.

  6. Stitching is the only thing that gets me up early also :) Looking good!