Aug 13, 2017


So here we are on a beautiful Sunday morning.

The damn good cups of coffee have been administered, the pills have been sorted for the week, the Vitamin water has been slurped, and the South Bend Tribune has been digested cover to cover.

But the New York Times?

Not so much.

Three weeks of missed papers...followed by three weeks of lovely conversations with my new besties in the customer service department.

But no paper.

It harkens back to my Sundays at the house...looking in vain for the Sunday Times, wandering the neighborhood wondering if a neighbor had received it instead, and then finally placing the call that inevitably ended with "Thank you for being the best part of the New York Times".

Well, I'm here to tell you, kids....if I'M the best part of the New York Times, we are in trouble with a capital T.  Right here in Hoosierville City.

So now methinks I will have my bagel, don my swimming costume, slather on some 150 proof sunscreen, and get on with it.  No sense in wasting a gorgeous sunny day running to the door every ten minutes hoping for a miracle.

Sunflower Bellpull is getting there!

Only a few more bands and this will be complete!  I am, however, thinking of playing with something new this afternoon/evening.  Something about wanting to start all of the things keeps rattling around in my brain.

So that's the Sunday report from the friendly confines of CS2, Dearies!  I hope yours is perfectly perfect in every way and that you get to do whatever it is that your heart desires!


  1. Coni, cancel your print subscription and subscribe online. I still read it cover to cover every day, with no newsprint hands and no recycling. It's the best, and less expensive too.

  2. Sure it isn't your new "beasties" in the customer service the Times? So sorry that what could be a source
    of enjoyment turns out to be such an annoyance, Coni. If
    Lenore's suggestion would work for you, that might be a
    solution. Hopefully your time of leisure at the pool will
    relax you for the completion later of Sunflower or for
    diving into something new. All is not lost... shame on the

  3. Lovely progress on the cross stitch....and an afternoon at the pool sounds like heaven. I am feeling accomplished, as the Yakkan Shoumei applications for hubbie and I are now sent. With my drug habit it was a project. I should print and frame those puppies for all the effort it took. Also, boarding passes printed for tomorrow's flights to San Diego. Car service picks us up at 4:15 in the morning - think of me yawning and brushing my teeth with Olay facewash (I have tried to do that even after two doses of caffeine) as you dream of stitching, reading and floating the pool. Hoping your ghost lotion is waterproof.


    Prayers continue......

  4. Hope the rest of the day was a smooth one, Coni! Your progress on the Drawn Thread piece is awesome.

  5. Perhaps the paper can be mailed to your box. We threatened to cancel a paper if they would not mail it, and they readily agreed.

  6. Mine came but it was soaking wet. Aridzona isn't always.............I really enjoy my daily visits to your blog, Coni, and wish you all the very best as you prepare for your imminent surgery. God Bless, Charlotte

  7. You are just not meant to be a NYT subscriber - by print anyway! Hope the swimming was awesome!

  8. Your needles must have been smoking! Great progress!

  9. I subscribe online. You can work the puzzle there or print it out if you prefer using a pen. It's expensive.