Jun 5, 2017


You are all so lovely and kind to think that I am toiling away here in Hoosierville...a big ball of efficiency and organization and energy.

The truth of the matter is that the way I'm doing this is really quite simple.  Remember the day I spent at CS2 sitting on the floor staring at empty walls and spaces?  Well, what I was really doing was making a map.

And now all I have to do is follow that map and put whatever is going in closet A or cupboard B or in space C in a box and then label it accordingly.  

So this and the subsequent unpacking are the easy part.

The part that has me a little worried and dread-filled is the clearing out of the current Chez Spinster.  For that, though, I promise to call in the cavalry.  I think that between my sister, friends, an estate sale, and St. Vincent's they should be able to clear this place out in no time.  

Emotionally, I confess that I do not expect to be able to be here during the process, but that's OK, right?  Once I've pulled out of the driveway for the last time and said my goodbyes I figure it will be OK to let somebody else bury the body.

(Metaphorically speaking, of course!)

So today the map is leading me through the kitchen:

I don't think I'll have too many hiccups here...just lots and lots of paper and bubble wrap!

Hope your week has started out to be swell and that whatever you're doing today is exactly where you want to be!


  1. And you don't think you are a cute ball of efficiency and
    organization?? (save the energy for later) What a great system....So long as your must-haves are "mapped", then it
    makes sense to have others disperse the remainder. What an
    inspiration you are to all of us...Keeping a record of your procedure to guide me in down-sizing one day. Thank
    you for all your sharing.

  2. It is nice to hear that your sister is going to help out with what is sure to be the hardest part of all of this. You should be in CS2.0 busy unpacking and not have any time to think about what is going. When my husband fell and broke his shoulder and for some reason ended up not being able to walk and spent 6 weeks at rehab - I thought I was going to lose my mind taking care of my business, my Jack Russel in need of lots of attention and making food to take to David at rehab since he refused to eat the food at the facility. I remember saying to the therapist I would be so happy when things got back to "normal" and he told me something I will never forget - "THIS IS YOUR NEW NORMAL" So just keep that in mind - this is now going to be your new normal.

  3. Coni, I like your "road map". I could have used your road mapping when I moved almost 13 years ago. Personally, I do think you are a ball of efficiency and organization. Don't forget to keep yourself hydrated as you paper and bubble wrap.

  4. You're incredibly organized ! All the best in your new home...

  5. Coni, I really don't believe that we are overestimating your organizational skills. Personally, I've never met anyone with your skills so I am continually in awe of everything you are accomplishing. Bravo! Love the map (if only these old eyes could see it- but I'm sure it's awesome). ♥ Love, hugs & prayers, Cathryn

  6. You take my breath away, I thought I was a sweet piece of organized efficiency, but you my dear girl, make me look like a sloth...your map made me swoon! You are doing great Coni!

  7. Your a genius! You should write a "how to move the organized way" book!