Jun 5, 2017


"It's really quite easy", I said.

"You just follow a map of what is going where and put it in a box."

Holey.  Schmoley.

By the time I closed that last box I was crying pituful salty tears all over the front of my t-shirt.  I don't know if it's physical, mental, or emotional, but it would seem that I decided to pick this afternoon to have my nervous breakdown.

Talk about dropping my basket!

So I did what any self-respecting 51 year old portly spinster would do.  I sat right down in the middle of the kitchen floor and had a good cry about it while silumtaneously watching the Kardashians on the little kitchen teevee.

All done now.  Just a momentary lapse of sanity that I like to think of as a "spiritual colonic".

I think it started when I went out to get the mail and stopped to chat with the weed lady.  The weed lady is one if the members of the landscaping crew that show up to do all of the lawn mowing and leaf blowing and weed pulling, etc.  This particular lady and I bonded the year I brought Stewey home as a wee baby and she would sit a play with him while I pulled the weeds for her.

(She's 79 years old for crying out loud.  The very least I could do was let her hide out on my back patio for a little bit playing with what was arguably the cutest puppy ever known to man.)

I hadn't seen the weed lady in quite some time, and it turns out that she hadn't been here since last Spring because her daughter broke her back and the weed lady had to care tor her.

Yup...you guessed it.

She didn't know that my Stewey had died.

So needless to say, spending 45 minutes standing in the driveway holding a sobbing weed lady in 85 degree heat in my pajamas was not exactly conducive to running today's schefule with the precision of a Swiss watch.  We ran that train right off the rails, kids!

But it's done, and now I can go take a nice long shower or soak in the tub and I can focus on doing a little laundry and calling it a day.

Tomorrow is linen closet and hall closet day, so methinks I should be able handle that without too much drama....unless I just jinxed myself again!

Hope your Monday was/is swell!


  1. Coni dear you may never know but your kindness in stopping to speak with the weed lady may have been what she needed. Yes I know it thru you for a loop but she may have been looping for a while & just needed that one lil act of kindness,you. Your a better gal than me gunga din or at least more determined to get it done. All I am able to do for you dear one is pray & this I do willingly & often

  2. Kindness and catharsis, just what the soul needed. Prayers continue......

  3. You did a good deed, Coni, and it reminds me of the prayer of Saint Francis as you consoled at a time when you needed consoling :) Hang in there kid

  4. Oh, it's so wonderful that she loved Stewey so much!

  5. You are doing a great job, Coni. I agree witb all of the above posts.

  6. So glad you got through that "bump in the road" and that you are recovered. Have a happy day.

  7. The moment I started reading, I knew where this was going. I feel so badly for both of you. I'm sending some extra loving prayers for you and for her. For her to remember our Stewey with happiness and for you that everything from here on will be easy and quick. ♥ Love, hugs & prayers, Cathryn

  8. I call those "having a monsoon." I remember the one I had when we were leaving Indiana - a move I did not want to make, leaving a job and home I loved for a place I didn't want to go to. I wound up one night bawling my eyes out in the hallway. Still don't know what set it off, but that's where it all caught up to me and I was off. I think sometimes we get tired of being grownups and the little kid in us just needs to protest.

    1. OK, so I need to know the rest of the story. Where did you go, and did it work out?

  9. Awww :( Your little Stewey reached everyone, near and far! Hugs!!