Jun 6, 2017


Oey...I am moving very very slow this morning.  It's as though my top half/brain is going 75 miles an hour and my lower half/body is sitting in the garage looking for the start button on the engine.

I had a good sleep and both cups of damn good coffee, so I suppose that this sluggishness is residual and likely to last a while considering the curcumstances.

Do you suppose it's too late to call the whole thing off and just go back to bed?

If I was a marathon runner (stop that snickering, if you please) I think this is what is called "hitting the wall".  Given my propensity for sloth and Pringles, my only exposure to marathons is hearing about them, but I know things, and this feels like a wall.

Today I need to pack two lousy boxes...one for the linen closet and one for the hall closet, so I suppose I should just get to it and stop my complainng.  I already know exactly what's going in each box, so there really is no excuse for dreading it so much, right?

But I am a bit tired.  And sore.  And inexplicably out of sorts today.

I know that a large part of it is the fact that I am stumbling around chaos at the moment and that things are out of their normal places,  but I would bet that the anxiety is ramping up in the "I hate change" area of my brain also.  I do hate change.  I really do.  I like my ruts and routines and habits and at the moment they are swirling around in this big huge messy snowglobe called life.

OK...navel gazing over.  Time to pull on the ponytail and get on with it.

Hope your Tuesday is swell and that your own snowglobe is peaceful and pretty today!


  1. You can do this, Coni. Get those two boxes packed and then enjoy the rest of the day doing whatever your heart desires. Thinking of you!

  2. Or.... pack one now and rest and relax and one by 4:00PM. then rest and relax again!
    You GOT this Coni and we're so proud of you!
    Ruth in Oxnard CA. <~~~~ was in Fort Wayne Indiana for the past 10 days :)

  3. Sounds pretty normal to me! (normal being a relative term ;) Sometimes I just don't care anymore, either, and let the smallest, most piddly mite of a job loom in my brain until it's just a huge Monkey I drag around on my back until I'm forced to finally do the dang thing. Then I kick myself for awhile for making such a molehill into a mountain. So if nothing else, Miss Coni, we totally get it. Hugs, sweetie. -p.

    1. PSV that sums up my life!
      Ruth in Oxnard CA

  4. Could be you are just plain ol tired from all the work you've been doing. You've gone from sittin and stitch in to packing up an entire house by yourself in the blink of an eye. Finish line is in sight though Coni! (I did enjoy your cleverly worded title!)

  5. Moving does suck and it is exhausting even when you are in optimal health. In the last year, I moved from Indiana to Washington downsizing by half. I am not ill and there were days - I just couldn't pack one more damn box or make one more decision. I think you are doing a great job. You are almost there!!

  6. I would say try to get thru at least one of the two boxes. Then give it a rest. You may find that you will have energy for the second box. I find myself hurting for you, since I am very close to what you are having to endure. I wish you my best and hopeful thoughts and prayers. Love you Ms. Connie.

  7. I hope you got your boxes packed. I can't wait for you to be all moved into your new place and be able to relax. xo

  8. We have moved three times in the past 23 months. Done with it at last. Moving is more about emotions than one will ever realize. It takes a toll from beginning to end. That is just the nature of the beast. Everything comes to an end and you will be there, unpacked and done with it at some point. Time, time, time...

  9. You go, Girl! You can do it! End of inspirational words. Change is really, really hard. Take care of yourself and stitch a little. Hugs, hugs and more hugs!

  10. Your brain has been racing....of course you are fatigued and slowed down... however, if at least one of those boxes is not packed, your perfectionist heart will not allow you to rest...so with a loving nudge from all of us,
    temper your speed and systematically follow your ingenious plan before settling back into some semblance of routine. The burden of relocation has been likened emotionally to the loss of a dear one, resulting in not only burn-out but drain-out as well. Cannot wait until you find your peaceful track again and share the excitement of your new surroundings and interests. Be kind
    to yourself, Coni dear, and don't set the bar too high...
    It will all happen and be over in good time....and you are the gal who can do it.....

  11. Tough times. I'm not a fan of change either and I react just like you seem to be. I also agree with others that all of the things you are going through are physically and emotionally exhausting. So that wall is really a wall. I believe you can do it.

  12. Coni, sorry I've been away. Feelin a bit under the weather lately. Hitting the wall? Me snicker? Are you kidding. I'm in a wheel chair and even I know what that means. That's why I've been so very concerned. Realizing all you have to go through. On to your next 2 posts. Love, hugs & prayers, Cathryn ♥