Jun 6, 2017


I managed to screw up my resolve and get the boxes packed...linen, hall closet, and books in the bedroom.  By my count, I think my library consists of approximately 1,500 books.  That includes stitchy books and cookbooks too, but...eye yai yai I have a lot of books!

(And this is somebody that hasn't purchased a book in at least five years or so!)

After a good scrubby shower and some clean clothes (leggings and a tunic top), I went to see Miss Brandi for the taming of the shrew.  I hadn't expected to have my brows done in addition to a haircut, but it would appear that when I booked the appointment oh so long ago I was feeling sassy.  

(I feel like I lost about seven pounds!)

(Note to self...if you can no longer see out of your eyeballs without pinning both your bangs and your brows off to the side, it's time to think about a little spa day action.)

After I was all spiffy, I stopped by CS2 to make sure it was actually still there and not some crazypants dream that I cooked up in my demented little brain.  Can I just tell you that the moment I opened the door I felt so stupidly happy, and as I wandered from room to room (all four of them) I said "I can't believe I get to live here!" over and over again.  

It's just such a light-filled happy place that makes me feel so very peaceful inside.  I don't know if I understand "energy" type stuff, and I've never been very good at sorting truth from hocus pocus, but there is a good vibe to this new space.  I know that it only had one tenant before me and that he was a single guy that worked for one of the developers, but methinks he left behind a lot of good juju for me to enjoy.  

It just feels like home.

So tonight I will enjoy my new haircut and will drink lots of water and then tomorrow I'm going to have a big day...garage, Christmas decorations, knick knacks, artwork/walls, and what I'm calling "memorabilia".  This is all of the crap that sits at the top of the guest room closet that I haven't looked at in years...stuff from my school days, stuff of Mom's, stuff of Dad's, and all of Stewey's baby clothes.  I think I might just carefully put all of this into a few big boxes and put them in the back of the new closet and sort through it later...like maybe this winter on a cozy Sunday.  I just don't think I have it in me to do it right now.

Thank you...yet again...for indulging me with all of this rambling about the move.  I think that this here blog has been my way of keeping myself organized, but more importantly, it's been a wonderful way for me to "process" everything.

(There's another one of those hocus pocus words that I'm never quite sure of.  Geeze Louise, I'm getting hippy dippy in my old age!  I ferl like Tony Soprano when he's complaining to Dr. Melfi about everybody getting in touch with their feelings and he wants to know what ever happened to Gary Cooper?  A strong, silent type who just got things done without having to talk about it!)

OK...now I'm going to go watch Sopranos.

Happy Tuesday.  I think today marks nine years of me writing this drivel, so I suppose I should take another minute to thank you for the adventure. Oh, what a ride it's been!  I can't wait to see what happens next!


  1. Glad to hear you are looking forward to your new home. We are too! Can't wait to see it.

  2. Happy Anniversary!! Nine years is something to celebrate 🎉. I'm using you as inspiration and have made two trips to donate to the Reuzit Store. Only 20 million trips to go!!

  3. So glad the previous tenant left the good juju behind. CS2 sounds lovely; can't wait to see your after move pictures. And speaking of, do we get to see the new 'do and brows?

  4. Good for you on getting the packing and the hair cutting in today. Go Coni! Looking forward to seeing CS2 down the road.

  5. You can't wait to see what happens next? You know what? Me too!
    I think your house is lovely, and I know you can make Chez Spinster 2.0 look beautiful as well. You're a very talented lady! Think about all that you know about colour theory, balance, texture, and design...and you've been such a good girl about purging...something that does not come naturally to most of us...your new home is going to be just beautiful. You are so right, Coni...change is not easy, but I'm so happy you're excited about it. We all are!

  6. Nine years?? Where have I been? You are the treat at the end of my day...I love seeing what you've been up to all day. Good luck tomorrow and every day.

  7. Great news that it feels like home. Made my heart happy tonight to read this. Let's name the new book CS2. Sounds like a good novel you can't put down.

  8. Wow -- from pro-packing-ating to getting spiffy and feeling so good in CS2 -- what a great day! Blew my skirt up just reading it!


  9. CS2 sounds like it's going to be a wonderful home looking forward to seeing those pictures when your settled in.....you have been such a worker bee🐝So very proud of you Coni many blessings for strength.....

  10. It just feels like home.

    It's going to be more than OK, Coni.

    (We told you so!)

  11. Coni, I am so eager to see the photos after you are settled in! It sounds charming.

  12. I love reading your adventures in packing. When I packed to move it was like that glass closet you step into and a blower sends money up into it and you grab at it to win it...Um yeah...I grabbed stuff threw it in a box and I will be honest here, two and a half years later, there are some boxes I have not looked into yet!
    I can't wait for the new chapter in your adventures at CS2!

  13. Thank you so much for sharing swirling emotions; one of the best parts of growing 'wiser' is recognizing how valuable others' insights are, and yours are a blessing to me and to many of your readers.

  14. Happy Blogaversary!! So happy to hear how happy your new place makes you feel xo

  15. Thank you for nine years of commitment and fun... you have
    furnished much joy and hyper interest in that time. Just
    knew CS2 was going to bring you light and a sense of well being. Hope this makes for an easier to contemplate and
    accomplish move, knowing the good vibes that await you.

  16. Wow! What a day! I call these revelation days; when the lightbulb goes on over your head. They make me so happy because I've realized something new and it's amazing (even if other people already knew, I didn't). Love, hugs & prayers, Cathryn ♥