Apr 4, 2017


It's no secret that I watch a lot of bad TeeVee.

(What can I say?  It's a guilty pleasure and one of the few vices I have left.)

So there I was, minding my own business and watching the premier of the new season of Southern Charm, when I looked up and saw Mrs. Patricia Althchul Her Very Self doing needlepoint!!!

I could watch Patricia Altschul do just about anything, and I confess to having a fantasy in which I don a caftan and visit with her in Charleston and we immediately bond over martinis and art, but to know that she is a STITCHER just put me right over the edge.

(For the record, she was stitching a picture of her little pug, Chauncey.)

(I mean...come on.  How could you NOT love this woman with every fiber of your being I ask you?)

As for my own stitching, I made the executive decision to use my Kurdy Biggs pieces as traveling projects for this Saturday's library guild meeting.  Those damn envelopes are just too perfectly suited for my stitchy bag not to take advantage of them.

Besides...I have a strange compulsion to do needlepint or canvas work at ANG meetings and cross stitch or beading at EGA meetings and not to mix the two.

(Don't even act like you were surprised at that...yet another in a very long line...of my quirks).

So here's the progress I made on Good In Everything:

And a picture of the full piece:

Today is rather grey and blustery, so methinks I will concentrate on some laundry and stitching and not much else.  Can you believe that I am STILL a little hung over from last week?  I just can't seem to get a pep in my step.  Oey...this healthy adulting things is for the birds!

Hope your Tuesday is swell.  Do something fun and come tell us all about it!


  1. You have made good progress on your Tree piece, Coni. I think your pep in your step will return once you have recovered from your events from last week. Laundry and stitching is a good combination. Enjoy your day!

  2. I loved seeing that last night too. Plus, I died over her new "buzzer".

  3. I too, was blown away by Miss Patricia doing needlepoint. I thought it was hilarious when she showed her son Whitney the picture of Chauncey and he just rolled his eyes. Knowing she stitches just makes her seem more accessible. Appropriately, you've made a "good" start on "Good In Everything." Life changes are always somewhat draining. Hang in there.

    Sandra from Texas

  4. Nice progress on your stitching. It will take some time to get your pep back from your exciting weekend.

  5. I am going to have to check out this show! And wonderful progress! It looks super!

  6. Not sure how you do it....every piece is remarkable!!!

  7. Not sure how you do it....every piece is remarkable!!!