Apr 5, 2017


This is definitely a very low key, low productivity, low energy week thus far.  My Happy Chair and I are spending an awful lot of time together...mostly with me half awake and drooling into my sweatshirt.

Here's last night's scene:
I really wish I knew the exact number of times I've watched You've Got Mail.  I suspect that it has to be in the hundreds, since I use it as tonic to whatever ails me.  I find the familiarity of it quite soothing...like a warm fuzzy blanket.

(Or the thought of Jeffrey Dean Morgan making waffles in my kitchen in his underpants.)

(For the record...I like the clean and sparkly JDM in a crisp white dress shirt and jeans, thankyouverymuch...not the one that looks like he needs a good scrubby bath.)

(Whoopsie...hang on a minute...JDM in the bath.)

(Excuse me while I am briefly overcome with the vapors...)

OK.  We're back.

I did make a little progress on Good in Everything:

I am still enjoying it, but might switch to something a little smaller for a day or two.  I noticed that my left arm and wrist are a little sore from holding such a big q-snap, and I don't want to irritate Buzzy any more than I have to since he has been so nice and trouble free thus far.

Still a bit gloomy here in Hoosierville, but we are expexted to have a bright and sunny day on Saturday, which will make a trip to Library Guild the perfect thing to look forward to!  I might also have some goodies waiting for me at House of Stitches that will require a quick trip over to LaPorte, and it looks like Misses Charlene and Jane might be up for supervising me and my shenanegins.

(I decided to treat myself for my birthday, so emailed Miss Linda at HOS to see if we could get the whole Coffee Quakers kit and caboodle...chart, linen, threads, and mug.  Hopefully it will come in time for me to pick it up, and on the 14th I'm going to wake up, put my coffee in the new mug, sing a rousing chorus of Happy Birthday to myself, and spend the entire day stitching it.  Then...if all goes according to plan, I'm going to take myself out to dinner and have a wedge salad and scallops.)

Good Grief...all I need is a little tiara and I can REALLY be Princess High Exhalted of the Whole Entire Universe, can't I?

So that's the report for today, my dearies.  Quiet...boring...but peaceful.  I figure these days are going to be few and far between in the future, so I might as well enjoy them while I can!

Hope you neck of the woods is exactly what you want it to be today!


  1. Okay... so I am aware of JDM because of The Good Wife and I MUST tell you he made quite an impression on me! Now, Coni, your post makes it sound like JDM is in the cast of You've Got Mail which I have not seen in many years, so I looked it up on IMDB. since he is not in the cast, I am wondering if you are watching him on The Walking Dead. I have never seen that but, from what I understand, he is a rather infamous character on that show. Or, is your attachment such that JDM pops into your mind at any moment? That's how it works for me!

  2. Good progress on the tree, Coni! I like your plan for your upcoming birthday celebration. I can't wait to see your new coffee Quaker and mug.

  3. I love the YGM soundtrack. One of my favorites and I can picture the movie on the screen in my head as I listen to the music. Have a relaxing day recharging, cuz it looks like you'll need a full battery for the fun times ahead!

  4. Coni I had to Google JDM & glad I did OMG he is so hot. Hmmmmm.... Ok I'm back I definitely needed a funny post today thanks, looks like your​ stitching right along & its looking good so far. Nothing doing here altho I did just make a date to go on a drive tomorrow with a nice older gentleman​. First date I've been on in 20+ yrs. Lol hope I don't act like a doofus. Wish me luck ladies. Blessings, Baa

  5. Another one that needed to Google him before I read any further. The Good Wife was my introduction to JDM and I had no idea his name. Now I know. And also why he tickles you so. Have no idea what the rest of your post was about.

  6. I'm a big fan of YGM! It makes me want to wear twin sets and own a bookstore! Maybe sharpen a bunch of pencils and just inhale!

    Saw JDM recently in The Salvation and have to say that was NOT our crisp white shirt JDM! (CWSJDM for short?)

    Good in Everything looks great so far! I hadn't heard of Coffee Quaker so had to check it out. As a coffee lover it's definitely going on my Wish List!

    Wish I was going to be back up north for your trip to HoS! I'd maybe perhaps "self-invite" so I could tag along! I need a good LNS fix!

  7. You've Got Mail and Sleepless In Seattle are a toss up for most watched and stitched to. I love them both. Good happy feeling movies I guess. JDM in Extant series is where I saw him - can't watch him and stitch too - he takes too much undivided attention!!!

  8. You will love Coffee Quaker. Like you, You've Got Mail is a comfort as well as Pride and Prejudice with Colin Firth. I so enjoy your blog though I tend to be a lurker more than a commenter.

  9. Took note of JDM in P.S. I Love You when I wasn't caught
    up in Gerard Butler...neither gentleman to be denied. I
    think it may be the subtle cadence of a film that makes it
    easy to "memorize" and fall into for comfort. YGM is
    certainly one of those....Looking forward to Coffee Quaker

  10. I too need to google JDM, no idea who he is. Wanted to tell you that a Downton Abbey coloring book will be coming out.

    1. 3millplainrd....oohhh you are in for a treat. A good idea to see who JDM is and why Coni is so gaga over him is to watch P.S. I Love You. Good movie.
      Cindy in northern Illinois

  11. Coni, you made GREAT progress in your stitching. Looking forward to what you will choose for a resting piece for 'Buzzy'. I, too, love 'You've Got Mail'. Such a great movie. Futzing week, huh? And what's wrong with that? Love it when it happens. Take care. Hugs & Prayers, Cathryn

  12. Wonderful progress! And I am glad to hear you are taking it easy and enjoying yourself :)

  13. I think you've got all your stitchy friends in love with JDM! I sure am.
    Notting Hill is my go-to movie when I need a love story/feel-good story. But Pride and Prejudice is also on the list, but I can't stitch when it's on...it's a must-watch. :)
    Hey Baa-have Fun on your date!

  14. JDM will always be Denny to me (my thanks to Grey's Anatomy).