Apr 3, 2017


I swear, these Mondays keep right on coming, don't they?

I made some good progress on Solitare last night after catching a mistake, frogging, and correcting.  I had that bottom elongated Jessica in the wrong place so it was throwing off the border stitches.

(I swear that's what happens when I let my evil twin Charlotte play with my things...she always does something to screw with me and leaves me wondering what the heck else she's been up to.)

(I need to remember to lock her in a closet.)

I got a lot of requests to show the fancy poly envelope.  It's kind of hard to photograph...especially when you are as challenged as I am in that particular area, but in the pic above I am showing the front of the envelope with the chart tucked neatly inside the pouch.

Here's what the back of the envelope looks like:

As you can see, the chart, project, threads, and scissors all fit very nicely inside.  FYI...this is on 8X10 mini stretcher bars.

Miss Charlene tells me that it's actually OK for me to share a photo of the second day's class.  It is called Crescents and Crystals and was even more fun than Solitare!

Miss Kurdy will be offering this at ANG national, so hopefully if you're signed up for it I've whetted your appetite even further.

Here's the back of the fancy envelope...strether bars for this one are 8X12's and also fit very nicely inside:

This is actually a two-sided piece, so you stitch the design twice and then put them back to back.  The color of the canvas that comes with the kit is a very pretty blue, but like a dork I had already mounted ecru canvas on the bars, so I just went with that instead.  The thread colors are blues and browns, so should show up nicely on ecru. (I had mounted ecru for Solitare also...like a dork..but that is stitched in whites and golds and would not have worked.  So I had to live a nightmare and quickly mount the dark green canvas.)

(SpinsterStitcher quirk #587: A phobia of having to mount canvas to stretcher bars in public.  When I do it here at home there is a lot of grunting, cursing, and sweating that takes place, and I am keen to keep that little display to myself thankyouverymuch.  Besides...I always feel like I can't obsess enough about getting the canvas absolutely perfectly perfectly taped and lined up if anybody is watching me.)

(Don't act all surprised by that latest tidbit, my dears.  You all know that I am flying short of a crew and co-pilot most of the time, so let's just chalk it up to being part of my charm and move on, shall we?)

I have absolutley nothing to do today except take a bath and sit in front of the firelplace and stitch.  I am feeling a bit poorly and am more worn out than I thought I would be, but fortunately I can just stay in recovery mode a little longer.

So Happy Mondy to one and all...hope your week is off to a fabulous start and that your needles are flying!


  1. Both projects are lovely, Coni. Enjoy your day in front of the fireplace with your stitching.

  2. Beautiful. I can see why you are happy with them. Glad you have an option for another recovery day. Hope everyone's week is off to a great start, too. :) Hugs & Prayers, Cathryn

  3. "Short of a crew and co-pilot" You crack me up! Rest up Stitchy Sister.

  4. You are doing great on Solitare. I am working on that tonight. But I have finished one side of Crescents and Crystals.

  5. Enjoy your day of relaxing! Both projects look like lots of fun to stitch :)

  6. Love both of the project, especially the Solitaire! Happy stitching, and take care and get some good down time.