Dec 27, 2016


Spiff up the meathooks...

And get back to a very dear old friend...

Today will be a quick run to the Targets for provisions whether I like it or not, because I seem to have run out of everything at once...napkins, dishwasher soap, dryer sheets, paper plates, etc.  When this happens, my world tilts precariously on its access and I get completely out of sorts.

(Who knew there was such comfort to be had in a box of Cascade and a few extra rolls of Bounty in the cupboard?)

Still feeling the effects of Operation Get It Together And Just Be A Normal Functioning Semi-Well Adjusted Adult For Once, but I suppose this is to be expected.  I sometimes forget that I really am a delicate little flower and not the big bull in a china shop I've always been.

(This is the part where you roll on the floor at my use of the words "delicate" and "flower" to describe myself because you know better and because somewhere Stewey is snickering into his smoking jacket.)

Happy Tuesday, kids!  Hope you are doing whatever your heart desires today!


  1. Adulting is over rated and should be avoided as much as possible. Your stitching is gorgeous.

  2. I agree whole heartedly (sp?) with Sue J. This LJP project is one of my favorites. I look forward to seeing your progress!!!

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  4. I fell the same way about tea bags and laundry detergent, got to have extra in case. I don't know the Queen and entire Royal family stops over or a football teams need there uniforms washed. I got it covered, plus cookies in the freezer!

  5. Go go go we'll be here when you get back graphics a stack of plates for me too please!

  6. Don't forget to pick up those cookies that are like cake with pretty frosting and sprinkles that only Target sells....those are a must for all "adults." And while I'm on the subject of's over rated and exhausting, and I for one think it's a bit of a waste of time.
    Jus' Sayin'

  7. I always said that I'm doing good financially if I have a 12 pack of toilet paper in my possession! I take comfort in all that toilet paper. Paper plates are always good says this divorced, empty nested, fur mama. Have fun with your dear old friend! She's a pretty one.

  8. When I get down to four rolls of toilet paper, I break out in a cold sweat, I shake with fear!! Your nails are wonderful,a lovely long nail bed. I have long fingers, but large knuckles a short nail. Right now almost every finger has dried and cracked nail and cuticle .I have winter hands.

  9. Yikes! That reminded me I HAVE to go to the Targets today and get some Gift Cards for prizes at one of the HOA's I manage. May as well pick up cat food too.... and a few other necessities. There is only so much THIS spinster can resist!
    Happiest of New Years' Coni. We'll be with you along the way!
    Ruth in Oxnard CA.

  10. I hope you made it to the Targets.
    Nothing worse than running out of TP!
    Can't wait to see more progress on the LP piece, it's beautiful.
    Take care.

  11. I love your stitching piece. You always make it look so effortless as you work. Good luck shopping!

  12. Love the nails!!! And glad to see you are stitching up a storm again :)

  13. Your nails look nice. Your Christmas Panel looks great. I had the same kind of errand day today. No fun when only one roll of paper towels in the garage and you open the last package of TP. I would have much preferred to stay on sofa with my blanket and my Kindlea.