Dec 26, 2016


Wow.  You would think that I ran several marathons over the holiday weekend.  I am totally wiped out today and contemplating a return to the big girl sleigh bed for the duration.

(Who knew that slapping a smile on your face and forcing festive could be so darn exhausting?!)

OK...if I make it out of the big girl sleigh bed today I hereby vow to get a needle and thread in my hands or the entire lot of my studio is going on eBay.  This is getting a little nutso, even for me.  I need to remember the connection between my sanity and time spent with stitching in hand!


(Which is something Winston Churchill said.  I watched "Churchill's Secret" on Masterpiece last night, and there he was, with a big banner that said "Onward!" on it.)

(Hmmmm....I'm sensing a theme for the new year.)


  1. Enjoy your day of deserve it, both emotionally and physically...this had to be stressful, even in the merrymaking.
    I recommend a binge watch of "The Crown" while you hibernate...speaking of Winston Churchill ;)
    I too can't wait for 2016 to be outta here

  2. Onward and upward, dear one. Recover and get thyself a
    2017 project to wow us all once again... the New Year is
    bound to be an improvement for most of us. Let us hold on to that hope and make it work. Save the space for the
    vittles come New Years Eve... rest the digestive tract
    with soft, comfort food and more delectable PBS viewing..
    ours had a repeat of Downton Abbey Marathon.. what's not
    to love?

  3. You have our permission to relax and do only as you wish today. Tomorrow, however....

  4. I started watching The Crown" on Netflix Coni I recommend it highly! Lots of that PM.
    Ruth in oxnard ca.

  5. You know, when I try too hard - it always seems to wind-up as a failure - at least in my eyes. When I decide to just let it all happen - I wind-up seeing some some grace, kindness and foregiveness, in my heart. I hope you have a restful and healing week ahead of you.

  6. My day of relaxing involved cleaning the grout on my bathroom floor, five loads of laundry, cleaning up Little Buddy's room so I can find places for his new toys, cleaning all bathrooms, and of course driving a trunk load of things to the Goodwill store. I need a rest from my day off!

  7. Rest and relax, Coni! You are probably feeling wiped out due to the emotional influx over the weekend plus getting over the flu or virus.

  8. Catching up on the last couple of blogs... I'm so glad you spent some holiday time with Bosco and Aunt Chrissy. I am "holidayed out" and have one more vacation day left... it will definitely have stitching time in it - the laundry and house cleaning can wait! Happy New Year to all...

  9. The holidays can be emotionally stressful not every family has that warm and fuzzy connection actually if I could I would trade my youngest brother for stitching stash so I think I know where you are coming from relax you deserve it

  10. WHAT DID YOU SAY or should I bad girl - bad girl using that nasty four letter word on day after Christmas 'EBAY" just where there are those of us working our fingers to the bone just trying to make a living to feed our Jack Russel - Jackie the very cute one you would ever know - she requires pedicures X 2 with the four paws. Dr. Humphrey's says she has wonkie nails and has to have them done by a very sensitive and reliable professional of course. I am not sure who is more demanding Miss Miller or Master Willowswamp during his glory days - may they live one. Happy New Year and New You Coni - the times they are a changing - get a new hair do - paint your nails bright purple with sparkles for the New Year/New You! What ever it is make it so shameful you can't even let us know about it!

  11. please excuse all the typos I am very tired but hopefully you will get the idea of what was going through my mind! If anyone can hopefully Coni you can!

  12. With all that cooking no wonder your hungover. Hope you day was restful.

  13. Sending... love, hugs & prayers, Coni. -Cathryn