Aug 14, 2016


Bit of an off morning here at the Spinster Clinic.  My little patients and I are all a  Stewey can't seem to get comfortable, Bosco's hind quarters are quite sore , and I am operating under water. (*)

My poor Baby Dear...
(Saran Wrap on dining room chairs...classy, huh?  My mother would be so proud.)

And my poor Baby Nephew...

But, we've had our Starbucks and now we're all planted in the Happy Chair for a day of stitching and Olympics.  Nothing else...all of the chores and fretting and planning and scurrying about like a crazy little three hundred pound hummingbird can wait until tomorrow.

(If they gave medals for procrastination, I would have Michael beat...hands down.)

Here's the result of yesterday's stitching at Library Guild and then again in the evening:

That center stitch is called a double fan doubled, and it has become one of my favorites.  Miss DebBee calls for it to be done in several different threads, but I wanted to feature the Watercolours Firecrackers as a focal point for this, so I just used it for the entire stitch.

Today we move to the upper left and start with some Amadeus star like things, so I'm excited to thread up and get in the saddle!

Hope your Sunday is lovely, my dears.  Do something wonderful, treat yourself well, and come tell us all about it!

(*) I get a lot of questions asking me what's causing me to feel unwell and how exactly do I feel.  About the only way I can describe it is...imagine you have the worst flu of your life on a day after you have pulled eight consecutive all nighters and been dropped from the roof of a tall building into the path of an oncoming cement truck.  Unfortunately, I think this is pretty much par tor the course with Crohn's and kidney disease, so I am just doing my level best to follow directions, keep a happy thought, and not do anything stupid to land me in more medical trouble.  So no dietCoke (she sobs, piteously), healthy (ish) diet, vats of water, a small pharmacy of meds, and lots and lots if rest until it's time tor dialysis.  So, with that explanation now in place I'm going to go back to "I'm fine, thanks, how are you?" as a response...which is much easier for this nutball introverted hermit social misfit.


  1. Hope you all have a peaceful day.Your stitching looking fantastic.

  2. Oh, how I wish you and the boys felt better. Hang in there, all of you. Your stitching is so beautiful, and with that variegation in the thread there's really no reason to use 3 different ones. Just keep doing what makes you happy!

  3. Stitching looks fantastic. Hope the day improves for all of you. You are in my prayers.

  4. Love your center block and I like it with the Firecrackers threads! Look forward to seeing the innards of the upper left box. I hope the 3 of you are feeling back on par soon.

  5. Your progress is gorgeous, Coni...I love the "double fan doubled" using the Firecrackers floss...can't wait to see what's next!
    Hope the days brightens for you all...prayers and hugs are heading your way.

  6. That stitch is really nice...this piece is looking pretty good. Sorry everyone is having an off day...just relax and do only what you feel like...maybe just stitch all day.

  7. I gave up soda and switched to sparkling water. I found what I craved the most was the fizz. It takes a bit of getting used to because it's not sweet, but I was ok with that, since the sweet made me thirstier, therefore making me drink more. Just make sure it's sparkling water, not club soda. Club soda contains sodium. Just a thought.

  8. I've been electronics free for a few days as we crossed the border in to Canada and turned off the smart phones. We were staying with friends, and we did not connect to their wifi so we were completely disconnected. I did not suffer spasms of withdrawal, nope, we were having way too much fun.
    We headed up to Toronto to the Royal Ontario Museum and caught the Chihuly installation there. Wow. I know there are photos of it on line to be found, and think you would enjoy looking at it. It was so worth fighting all the traffic. Now I am sitting on the 29th floor of our hotel overlooking Niagara Falls and catching up on the internets...gorgeous view. So yes, have been doing something fun and telling you about it.
    So sorry the the boys are still not doing better and that you are fighting just to function. I do have days like that, but resting really helps.
    Love, love, love the progress on the Olympics piece. It is stunning. Looking forward to seeing it progress further.
    Please take care - you and the boys are in my prayers.

    1. I understand the naps. During radiation and even now I feel like my legs are mired with concrete boots and I am slugging threw quicksand. I am can be just tootin' along and boom I have to lay down right then and there and I may sleep three or fours hours wake up to pee and drink and fall back asleep. It's as though you cannot control what your body wants to do. I have just learned to go with the flow. I make no plans, when I have energy I am going, going, going, and when it hits I just go to bed. I was feeling really guilty and then realized i can't control this. Do what your body needs it is in control.

  9. Your piece is lovely!! So far I am a sworn counted crosstitcher; but that stuff you do looks fun...and perhaps a bit faster. (?). I am having a lovely weekend (not) on call for the ER of our tiny hospital; but since I stay in an apartment closer to the hospital I do at least have stitching time, usually. I am working on a new Chessie and Me piece bidding one of our lovely LNS's goodbye as the owner is retiring. Again I pray for you and the guys. Gentle hug to all.

    Debbie in Kansas

  10. Hope tomorrow is a better day for you and the boys. I love the center piece of your stitching. It looks hard!

  11. Coni, I know the "I'm fine. How are you?" routine. It's so much easier than to go into details that the listener doesn't know how to deal with and the teller doesn't want to go into. I feel your pain and I am sending prayers. Hugs, -Cathryn

  12. Coni, it's so nice to know that I'm not the only nutball introverted hermit social misfit on the block! Just be who you are darlin'. The rest will fall into place. Do hope you, Stewey and Bosco feel better soon.

  13. I hope you all are feeling better! And your stitching is perfection :)

  14. Perhaps the vet can tweak Stewey's meds. Thinking good thoughts and saying prayers for all of you at Chez Spinster!

  15. Love the progress on the Olympics project. I tend to think that medications have so much to do with the malaise
    and fatigue being experienced by many. The natural rhythms of the body become disjointed. That is often the
    trade off. Blessed be those who live with it and "go with the flow" .... Praying you through....

  16. Here's hoping that you feel better and have a good week stitching and relaxing. : )

  17. Your stitching is amazing. I'm so sorry that you and your patients are all feeling punk and you don't have to explain a thing, we just worry about our stitching icon. Sending you good healing thoughts.