Aug 12, 2016


When left to my own devices, I can be dangerous on the Amazon.  Here's the latest addition to my semi-pro cockpit...a wireless keyboard for my iPad:

So far, I've had the thing five minutes and all seems to be well.  With my big 'ol man hands, sometimes typing on the iPad keyboard is a little hard to do, so this provides the perfect solution.

(Plus, it was a whopping twelve bucks, so if I hate it I can stick it in a drawer and not completely hate myself for giving in to late night online shopping temptation.)

Just a little more progress on Olympic Good Stuff ('scuse the thread, but I pooped out before I could finish that section):

Stewey is enjoying a little snooze in the sun:

I'm going to try to resist the temptation to head to the big girl sleigh bed for a nap today and try to get some stitching and Olympic watching in instead.  I have been so worn out lately that I'm taking longer and longer naps during the day, which means going to bed later and later at night...not smart if I want to get on a better schedule.

Hope your Friday is off to a roaring start and that you are ready for a great weekend.  I get to go play with my library guild sisters tomorrow and then run a bunch of errands, so.....WooHoo!


  1. Your Olympic stitch is looking super, Coni. Hope the wireless keyboard works out for you. Enjoy your guild sisters tomorrow.

  2. Sounds like the wireless keyboard was a great option! Good price too! Enjoy the weekend, the Olympic stitch is looking great.

  3. Gee, I like that keyboard...may have to look for that...Amazon you say....

  4. Connie, I have out of touch with the Spinster Stitcher for quite awhile and have just returned and love reading your posts. I do have one question if you don't mind and that is does your sister still live with you? I see posts about her doggie but wondered about her.

    1. Hi, Carole! Thanks for asking...but, nope. My sister is not living with me anymore....just me and the boys at Chez Spinster!

  5. enjoy your new keyboard. Nice progress on your Olympic stitch. Your little mister always looks so comfy cozy in his little bed. Enjoy your time at the library.

  6. Lovely progress! And I think that keyboard was a great buy!!