May 19, 2016


Hey, kids...the trick to locking silk ribbon onto the needle is really cool beans:

When you thread the ribbon through the eye of the needle pull it a little longer than you normally would.  Don't let go of that longer piece...pierce the needle through it about an inch or so from the end and then slowly pull the needle through that tail.

You will have to cut the ribbon off of the needle when you're finished with that length, but believe me when I tell you that locking it on there in the first place is totally worth it!

This is a totally craptastic photo, but hopefully it will give you the idea:

Now I know that all of you veterans out there are shaking your heads at me and my feeble attempt to depart something "new" that you've known forever, but...I can't help it.  I get so excited every time I learn something new that I get ants in my pants.  

Isn't that why we love this thing of ours anyway?  Always something new to do, more to learn, and such excellent fun to be had!



  1. Amen, my friend!!! Learning something new to oneself, even if everyone on the planet already knew it is a gift from the
    universe. I need and appreciate all the help I can get. My most recent one was the Memory Thread. As you would say: Woo Hoo!!!!

  2. Never discount the value of the tips you pass along. I'm sure someone needs to know. I took a ribbon embroidery class a couple of months ago, but haven't picked it up since I left the class. :-(

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  4. I really enjoyed your tutorial; especially since I have never worked with ribbons. I live in a VERY small town that is lacking in a place where one can get together with fellow cross stitchers to learn such things and where there is nowhere to attend courses or lectures Since I'm a homebody due to my disability, this makes it an added bonus. Keep it up girlie! You're doing good!

  5. Don't you just love that "ahhhh" moment when you learn something neat like this!

  6. You never know when a tip might help someone, like myself who has never worked with ribbons before, so thank you for sharing :)