May 18, 2016


For some reason I got the bright idea to have a big 'ol heaping cup of caffeine at the Grocery Guild Starbucks last night.  I couldn't help it really.  Coffee is the very last vice I have left and I arrived early enough that I had time to partake.

(I've had a lot of questions about Grocery Guild.  It's not really called is officially the South Bend evening meeting of EGA.  We just happen to meet in the upstairs lounge area of our local supermarket...thus Grocery Guild.)

(Our local supermarket chain is quite lovely.  Most of the stores are decked out with Side Door Deli areas that have grab and go meals, a Starbucks, and a "restaurant" area.  The store that hosts our meeting has a two story "restaurant" area and we meet there once a month.  Next to my Happy Chair and the Centre Township branch of the library, it's one of the happiest places on the planet Earth for this here spinster.)

So I finished the two leaves on the bottom of my canvas and moved on to the purple leaf in the lower right corner:
(Yes, I know that button is hanging off the edge of the design, but that's what it said to do in the stitch guide, and ever since I broke the colonoscopy prep rules and almost died doing so, I am all about doing what I'm told now.)

I really love working with silk ribbon, it turns out, and after last night's excellent class at Guild, I now know how to lock the ribbon onto the needle so that it doesn't slip through the eye with every single stitch!  What a difference that made to last night's efforts!

In addition to being hepped up on the caffeine, I also fell head first into my latest library book, and I ended up turning out the light at 3:30 am.  I'm reading Richard Russo's "Nobody's Fool" and am enjoying it immensely.  I have "Everybody's Fool" lined up to go right after, so looks like I will get to spend a fair amount of time with Sully and Co.

That's the exciting report for today, kids.  A little progress on a needlepoint canvas and a caffeine hangover.  All we need now is a few loads of laundry and an afternoon nap, and Futzingday will be complete!

Hope you're more bright-eyed and bushy-tailed than I am today....WooHoo!


  1. I really do like this one.

  2. You are making super progress on your project, Coni! Off to look up the book you are reading.

  3. Looking good,love the purples

  4. I really love your piece. And a little caffeine overload never hurt anybody. :)

  5. You're killing me. This piece looks like so much fun, but I'm dying to see what you do with one of the flowers! Couldn't you forego a leaf or two and indulge us!?!

  6. Aren't ribbons delightful? Now, if they just didn't bankrupt me every time I bought them...

  7. What is the trick to keep the ribbon in the needle?

  8. I love the addition of the buttons! I wonder what you would do about framing when they are over the edge like that?