May 20, 2016


You know the expression...April showers bring May flowers.  Well, it might be the end of May, but I think we're going to have some flowers this weekend.

First, though, I need to finish off the green leaf at the bottom with a bunch of silk ribbon French knots down the center:

Then, it will be on to this beauty:

Think I can make it look like this?

I'm supposed to be cleaning tha house, paying bills, writing grocery lists, and paying attention to the boys today, but so far all I've managed to do is read the paper and play with my stitchy stuff.  (I really should read that "Procrastinating for Dummies" book I bought years ago, but I keep putting it off.)

(Yuk yuk yuk)

We're hurtling head long into the weekend, kids!  What's on your fun list for the day?


  1. Looks to me like you took that ribbon class at just the very right time. You will be surprised how easy that mum-type flower will be to make. Ohh...and french knots are a total breeze with ribbon. When I made a mum-like flower, I found a chop stick to be about the right size for the loop. I'm looking forward to seeing your finished flowers. Go get'em Coni!!!

  2. I look forward to seeing this too! And I have a little ribbon work in the near future and really appreciate Pamelaric's comment about the chop stick. The set from PF Changs will finally see some use :)

  3. I am fascinated by this ribbon work and think I will have to look into it. Meanwhile,
    I am working on a wedding sampler for my cousin as I recuperate from a knee replacement. Have a great weekend, everyone!

  4. The flowers are going to be gorgeous. I am hoping to do some finishing this weekend.

  5. It is looking good, Coni! Stitch group was today and stitching at the LNS is tomorrow! Enjoy your weekend!

  6. Ooooh looking forward to seeing the silk ribbon french knots! I will be helping to finish off the chicken coop for the chicks which will be arriving next Friday. These chickens are taking up way too much of my stitching time and they aren't even here yet! :) Hope you have a lovely weekend!

  7. Cannot wait to see your ribbon work. We're still in the middle of several weeks of severe rain storms so I'll be working a Primitive Hare piece called Christmas Pumpkin Queen.

  8. You can do it!
    I just love this colorful piece.
    Have a great weekend!
    Give Stewey and Bosco a scritch on the neck from me.