May 17, 2016


Life in the stitchy department (at least) is swell.  

Don't you think it hilarious how the world can be falling down around you, but the minute you pick up a needle it's all rainbows and unicorns?

(At least that's the way it is with me these days.  I am justifying my complete and total escape into needlework with the excuse that I'm warm and safe and dry in the Happy Chair and not bothering anybody, so why shouldn't I pretend that the cruise is wonderful and not headed toward the proverbial iceberg?)

The long and short of it is that I need a vacation.  So every afternoon at about 4pm I head to such wearing my special vacation clothes (eighteen year old sweatpants), I have my refreshing vacation cocktail (dietCoke on the rocks), and I put on my special vacation glasses (99 cent magnifiers fished out of the Michael's clearence bin), and I go away for a while.

Sometimes Jeffrey Dean Morgan comes with me.  Sometimes the entire cast of the Sopranos.  I've even been known to throw a few Housewives in there for sheer entertainment value.  But the company is good, the conversation is witty and urbane, and I come out of it all having solved the world's problems.

(And then it's time to go to bed and read a book and wait for my stupid sister to wake me up at 4am when she gets up to go to work.)

I'm just not built for company, I tell ya.  I like my solitude and my routines and my crazypants way of doing things and all of this change makes me feel like Sheldon Cooper in the Big Bang episode when he ran away from home and went on a train trip.

Wait a minute...a train trip!  How hard would it be to pack up a bunch of needlework, several dozen library books, and a vat of dietCoke and hit the rails?  Hmmmmm...note to self.  Call Amtrack.

Whoops...I forget about somebody for a minute there.  How in the world would I ever be able to leave that face for more than a minute?

Oh well.  It was just a thought.

Here's last night's progress on Bird in a Nest.  The green and blue leaf is stitched with silk ribbon (the green part), Petite Frosty Rays ( the dark blue), and Petite Very Velvet (the bright blue center seam).  I couldn't quite figure out that center seam stitch, so I ...improvised.

Tonight is Guild at the Grocery, so I am eagerly looking forward to spending some time with my stitchy peeps.  We're going to learn how to stitch flowers with silk ribbon, so I am particularly excited after last night's session using it for the first time on the leaves. 

Thanks, as always, for stopping by, my dear friends!  Where would I be without youse?


  1. Guild at the Grocery. I like that.

  2. Can Stewey stand a carrier? Amtrak allows dogs under 20 pounds (some other restrictions apply).

  3. Can Stewey stand a carrier? Amtrak allows dogs under 20 pounds (some other restrictions apply).

  4. Have a good time at guild at the grocery! Your piece is looking great.

  5. This piece just gets better and better. So very cretive. Let's check amtrack out. I have lived alone for about ten years now and think I might have difficulty sharing an abode with anyone else ( Max is the exception) at this point in time. Going to the grocery AND stitching all in the same evening sounds like a wonderful ides. I am assuming that the grocery is an eating establishment. Enjoy

  6. It's not easy to change up your routine and begin living with someone else. Sounds like you have some good escapism habits with the stitching schedule and book. Both have served me very well when needing an escape. Good luck. Stitching night sounds like great fun too.

  7. I think you are probably adjusting to your living arrangement pretty is so hard to change how and what we do...hang in there...

  8. Hey, Yellow Rose EGA is a Guild at the Grocery, too!

  9. You have 18 year old sweatpants you need to contact the brand and give them the mileage report. They might want to hang them in a hall of fame and send you a new pair.

  10. Your leaf looks wonderful! I love the colors!