Nov 21, 2015


The view from my Happy Chair cockpit is so swell, I almost can't stand it. The only thing that would make it any better would be the addition of Jeffrey Dean Morgan in the kitchen...baking his underpants.

I found the notepad in the Target dollar bin, and couldn't pass it up since it was a) a dollar and b) matches my favoite winter coffee mug.  Starbucks French Roast is the last vice I have left:

Can I just tell you how happy I am that I managed to get all of the patio stuff inside earlier in the week? (I also cleaned the garage to within an inch of its life, but that's a story for another day.  Suffice it to's actually cleaner than the inside of the house, so I'm contemplating moving out there for the duration).

I wish it would stay just like this....pretty, fluffy, and white....until March:

I know, I've seen this view so many times before that you're probably ready to delete me from your Palm Pilot.  There's just something about my Stewey Little toasting himself in front of that fireplace that makes me feel like everything is right with the world.  

And besides...who doesn't love a little Snoopy dressed up as Santa Claus as an early holiday accessory?  (You should know that he managed to find Snoopy all by himself.  I have not yet transistioned his toy basket from Autumn to Christmas.)  (Damn dog.)

That's the story for today.  I am determined to stay in this chair...stitching and reading and contemplating and whatnot.

I hope that your Saturday is equally as blissful!


  1. I do have a couple of very small projects and two books beside me: "The Early
    Stories of Truman Capote". Also, I have been saving American Sphinx by Joesph J. Ellis for just this sort of day.

    I do like the new project.I think that coloring books have value for stitchers. OMG I just saw a picture of Jeffrey Dean Morgan and he can come into my kitchen any time and cook whatever he wants to. You do have good taste in men! How have I managed to miss him up until now.
    I hope your weekend is a happy and peaceful one.

  2. Even your throw matches your cup ~ love it! Beautiful scene you've set up so enjoy the weekend with or without JDM.

  3. We had Stubby who loved to bask in the warmth of the "dog cooker". Fond memories, so I never get tired of seeing Stewey. And I love the new stitching. I personally am stitching a new Santa from Heartstrings, part of next year's line. Pat is a friend. Have a great Thanksgiving. How's your sister? Haven't heard much about her lately.

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  5. It sounds like a perfect way to spend a Saturday.

  6. Your stitching looks great. Oh what a nice view from your chair. I always love pics of snow. I guess because we don't get any. I always love to see our furry friends so cozy and comfy.

  7. Your project is looking lovely. But, I love the snow view along with Master Stewey in front of the roaring fire.

  8. It looks so cozy! I hope you guys are enjoying your weekend :)

  9. Never tire of the happy puppy warming by the fire!! My Christmas present to myself is going to be a new comfy stitching chair!! Happy Thanksgiving!

  10. Thanks for sharing your part of the world. I ALWAYS enjoy it! :D Cathryn

  11. I am cozy just reading your post.

  12. Morgan is on The Good Wife and he is HOT!!! He cooks, too?? Oh, and Stewey is adorable.