Nov 18, 2015


OK, it's not much, but the center of Copper & Turquoise is in.  As soon as I get my chores done for the day and then re-organize my stitchy stuff, I'm going to hit the Happy Chair for some therapy.  I noticed that my dvr thingie is almost full, so it looks like I need to catch up on my TeeVee viewing and clear the darn thing out!

Why do I need to re-org the stitchy stuff, you ask?  Well, it's because SOMEBODY pointed out that he can't find his favorite reading glasses due to the untidiness of our current basket of stuff/crap:

His assistant informed me that he will supervise from the cozy confines of the Magic Blanket:
 Damn dog.

Happy Wednesday!  


  1. Nice start. What a cute snuggle pic.

  2. Wish I had a Magic Blanket. Looks comfy and warm. :D Cathryn

  3. Beautiful start! And Stewey looks so cozy! I don't blame him for just supervising :)

  4. I hope you had fun stitching and watching a few shows. Last weekend my husband was out of town and I watched 4 episodes of Scandal, it was so much fun.

  5. Love the start of Copper & Turquoise ... All those colors are just what a cold grey Nov days needs :)

    Stewey has they right idea.
    I found my version of the 'magic blanket' at Lands End. They have a new Sherpa Throw ... fuzzy white on one side and very soft & smooth on the other . Washes & dries well and still soft and fuzzy. (just a satisfied customer).

    M in NC

  6. Oh, reminds me to get my blanky out. I have one just like it, so soft! Stewey looks very comfy wrapped in yours...or is it his now?

  7. Are those scissors? wow!! Are they the fancy scmancy Gingher ones?