Nov 13, 2015


Do you remember when I used to take pictures for this blog with an actual camera?  I'm not sure that the quality was any better than the pic posted below, but I'm too snoodled up under the magic blanket to go remedy the situation.

This is Copper and Turquoise by Needle Delights Originals and I'm sitting here like a little kid on Christmas Eve wanting to tear into it.  I've been petting the threads for an hour now and just can't get over the fact that this combination has grabbed my attention so.  I think that all of the coloring I've been doing has really expanded my horizons.

Last Saturday I went on a little stitchy shopping trip and my travel companions are still talking to me!  It was hard to NOT be me for the day, but I did my very best and managed not to end up on the side of the road thumbing it for a ride home.  We went to Designer's Desk in Geneva, Illinois.  If you've never been....well, all I can say is....put it on your list.

We went to Greek Islands for lunch, and I'm mortified to tell you that I had not one clue as to what we were eating.  Thank God for Miss Jane and her extensive knowledge of the menu, and for her tact in not pointing out that I'm Greek for crying out could I not know what a dolmides is?  All I do know is that it was a real treat!  Thank you again, Miss Jane!

Tomorrow I will have to sneak out of the house early to spend the day with Miss Charlene and my Hoosier Heartland guild friends.  If Stewey finds out where I'm headed, he'll throw a tizzy of epic proportions and I will never hear the end of it.  Miss Charlene is one of very few humans that Stewey loves in real life...he's devoted, of course, to all of you (his faithful and devoted readers), but the mailman or the neighbors or the nice lady at PetSmart that always insists on giving him a cookie and patting him on the head?   Not so much.

Here's hoping your needles are flying!
Woo Hoo!


  1. The Copper and Turquoise looks like a great piece. The threads are
    'divine'. Everytime I see the colors that are available to us needlers I just
    swoon. This is not a pretty picture for a woman of my advanced years but I
    just cannot help myself!! Sounds like you'all had a great day. Always good to get out and spend time with friends.
    p.s. I would imagine some cuddles and treats with Moth-er will set Stewey's nose back in perfect alignment.

  2. Enjoy your outing with Miss Charlene and your guild friends! Looking forward to seeing your progress on the Copper and Turquoise.

  3. I can't believe you didn't know all the Greek foods. But I do love the colors of your new piece!

  4. Enjoy your new project (and thread petting) and your day out with Miss Carlene. Stewey can just chill while you're gone.

    I love the Greek food I've tried...and Mediterranean food in general. I keep reading that lately the "experts" are touting Mediterranean food as being very healthful. (I admit that I had to look up the correct spelling.)

  5. Looking forward to watching this project grow, those threads are luscious!! Hope you had a lovely time yesterday :)

  6. Great colors. I've only eaten Greek once. We don't have any Greek restaurants nearby.

  7. Happy to hear you had a wonderful time.