Mar 20, 2013


I'm out of balance.

Kind of like a big fat sweaty washing machine that has too many bulky towels in it and decides to shimmy across the laundry room floor.

Except my shimmy is busted and I wouldn't be able to perform any type of mechanical function whatsoever.

Time to switch the load....


  1. Now, now, all you need is to turn off the machine and rest it a bit. You aren't allowed to stitch tomorrow. Put your feet up, watch a nice movie with a big Diet Drink and popcorn. You can look at a NP book or magazine, but no picking up a needle. Get a good night's sleep and tomorrow you can turn the machine on again and see what happens. If all else fails, I'll send over the Cabana Boys. Uh, your neighbors don't mind if they set up the limbo contest in your front yard, right?

  2. I agree with Chilly Hollow - rest and Cabana boys on call. That would fix anything!

  3. Paging Coni Rich, paging Coni Rich, AKA. Spinster stitcher. Will the real Coni Rich please return to the blog that is truly, deeply her? Damn blogs are getting sabotaged all the time. :(

  4. Methinks the winter blahs have struck! Spring is already here in Texas - wildflowers, trees budding - Indiana can't be too far behind. Dig out a wild spring project and a good hunky movie and the shake will be back in your shimmy in no time!

  5. Sounds like menopause has invaded all facets of your life.