Mar 21, 2013


My mom can't come to the blog right now.  She's taken to her bed with the covers pulled over her head, and I swear I heard her mutter something about staying there until the Apocalypse.  Methinks the old lady has been spending too much time in the world of late and it's time to get her back in her little woman cave -- pink fuzzies firmly in place, a dietCoke at the ready, and a little You've Got Mail on the TeeVee.

I suspect that all of this dis-ease around here can be blamed on a combination of things.  As y'all know, my Aunt Chrissy has been terribly under the weather lately, and this causes Mo-ther no end of angst as she tries to figure out how to fix it.  Trouble is, Mo-ther isn't a doctor, she only plays one on TeeVee, so she should spend her energies elsewhere.  (Like, for instance on laundry.  Or popping out to the PetSmart for some new toys for you-know-who.)

I'm just saying.

The second problem is this crazypants weather we're having, and the fact that it has seriously hampered the old lady's efforts in the self improvement department.  She decided that this was finally going to be the year that she hauled her self around the block every morning, but so far Mother Nature has refused to cooperate.  Between darkness and snow and rain and sleet and hail and ice, there hasn't been one day that Mo-ther has felt safe venturing forth.  (You can't blame this one on me, kids.  I'm game for a w-a-l-k any day of the week and twice on Sundays.) 

So there.

The third and final piece of this little mental health puzzle is the list of things that Mo-ther is NOT doing.  In no particular order, this list reads as follows:  Mo-ther is NOT stitching.  Mo-ther is NOT reading.  Mo-ther is NOT writing.  Mo-ther is NOT doing the damn Jumble each morning, and last but not least, Mo-ther is NOT spending adequate cuddle time with yours truly here. 

Well, I'm going to remedy all of that as soon as I possibly can.  I've asked my Aunt Chrissy to come over this weekend for a little sissy time up in the studio, and as long as Mo-ther cooperates, I suspect that the needles will be flying once more. Then, once this happens, you can bet that you'll see her on this here blog with a little bit better frequency, and I know for a FACT that this will mean that all of the other stuff will fall into place thereafter.

So thank you for being such good sports while Mo-ther hibernates, my dear friends.  I would imagine that all of her drama wears thin after a while, so I really do appreciate you sticking with us!  Until we meet again, I remain your loyal and devoted friend.....

With love from your pal,


  1. Sounds like a touch of end o' winter and sick sister blues. This too shall pass - try and keep your chin up until the flowers spring forth!

  2. Take care of those lovely women in your life Stewey. Here's hoping we residing here in the midwest get a dose of Spring weather soon. Should make us all feel better!

  3. Awww. Stewey....I know you perfectly understand the views from your world of manly (studly?) culture, but methinks you need a small lesson in the care care and feeding of mothers. I know, I know, it makes no sense, but sometimes mothers need more than just a good pee on the drapes to make them happy. Go figure...

    What mo-ther probably needs is to realize she's been riding the stress train and needs to be extra-kind and gentle with herself. I'm sure some puppy snuggles and a soothing cup of tea, diet coke, wine, one of the frozen drinks w/ a cute plastic monkey or umbrella would help her a lot. Be kind, Stewey and help Mo-ther love herself right now. Believe me, big boy...when Mo-ther feels better, you can remind her that "paybacks are hell". Hugs and love to all....

  4. Indeed! You should remedy all of that as soon as you possibly can.

  5. I agree with Cricket! Hopefully Spring--when it decides to come--will help us all perk-up.Hang in there.

  6. Dear Stewey, thanks for keeping us updated. I am experiencing somewhat of the same dilema. I call it Spring fever, but I'm sure it's much milder than what Mo-ther is experiencing. I am sending prayers for all of you. hugs, Cathryn

  7. It sure sounds like your mo-ther has had more than enough stress lately. I am sure you are being extra kind and loving. I only hope she is being kind and loving towards her self as well.
    Sending the very best wishes from my little corner of the planet.......Deb

  8. Both of you hang on -- everyone is thinking good thoughts for you, your Mother, and Aunt Crissy. You be super kind to your Mother, Stewey. She needs your love right now. --- Barbara

  9. From the sound of things I moved away from Mishawaka not a moment too soon. All this snow and miserable weather would have put me over the edge, too.

    Sending warm and sunny wishes from South Carolina!

  10. I live in a friendlier, warmer climate but know too well what it's like to wind up in a funk without meaning to. Couldn't manage to stitch a single thing for almost 3 years after moving to a new state for a new (harder) job. But now . . . Now I'm stitching and shopping for stash and remembering that "this, too, shall pass" is more than just a platitude.

    Sam Cloth