Mar 19, 2013


Will somebody please explain to me how long it takes to re-learn all of the stuff I seem to have forgotten with respects to this thing of ours?  I used to be able to stitch with two eyes closed, a vat of dietCoke in one hand, the TeeVee remote in the other, and handsome hunky mens on said TeeVee.

Now it seems like I require absolute silence, a moment of fervent prayer, and six people with flashlights just to thread a freaking needle.

Sheesh....if I would have known that when you lose your mojo you REALLY lose your mojo, I never would have left the house!

So looks like it's a bit back to square one for me, kids.  If I'm not back in a week, send reinforcements, please.


  1. It's winter. Just give Stewey a snuggly hug until it comes back.

  2. Could be the project. Only stitch on what you want. Start something new. Take a nap and have a high protein snack. All else fails - just focus on the handsome hunky men on the TeeVee for a few days until you feel better. MartyG

  3. I know, right? I used to be able to get into a movie and stitch at the same time without glasses; not anymore!!!

  4. those little glasses they sell for the tip of your nose help with threading.... noooo it doesn't mae you old!!

  5. Too funny 'cause I'm going thru the exact same thing right now. The tv is such a distraction and I'm constantly rewinding programs because I think I "missed" something. My stitching has really suffered because of my tv habit not to mention fresh from the oeven chocolate chip cookies along with my diet coke.

  6. It happens to us all - perhaps the time of year? I feel in limbo; where I live winter's not quite over, and spring has not quite arrived. I've put away big projects and am working on smaller cheery ones with pretty colours. Like LHN Spring Band Sampler. And I play with my threads and fabrics just for fun,and to feel I'm doing something stitch. Persevere, Spinster Stitcher, and have fun!

  7. As a type II diabetic, I know the vision suffers when the blood sugar is high ... so watch your sugar intake for a while and see if those needles are easier to thread.

    1. so are you saying we need more chocolate chip cookies or less?

  8. If vision is a stitching accessory I ever bought is my Mighty Bright floor magnifier with LED lighting! I saw it at a local stitching shop, looked at the price, and thought "One of these days I'm going to buy one of those!" Halfway to the door I decided "Heck, no! I want it NOW!" and home it went. Best decision ever as far as stitching fun goes! It's easy to position over the work, and the light and magnification are such a great stress reliever. Don't think I could work on my HAED project without it!

    Mary S. and pitties Honey and Diogi

  9. Well, I will tell you, I used to be able to be a huge multi-tasker while stitching, no more.... Once I hit the 50's, everything went south. I bought me a wonderful floor magnifier lamp(a good one), a Stitchmate floor frame (no longer available)but lots of good ones out there, and all is good in the world again! Plus, it gave me a thrill to buy new stuff for my stitching habit! You might go into a stitching store that has this kind of stuff and try them all out.
    Good luck,
    Amy from Oklahoma

  10. Coni,

    Could it be your new contacts? If not, come and stitch with us, we're all "contagious". LOL


  11. I broke down a while back when I was working on linen, and ordered Mag-Eyes. I love them. I went with the two weaker lenses. You can order either way. The weaker ones are far more than enough. They make everything clearer and if you wear glasses normally, you can still put the Mag-Eyes on. Don't give up. There are ways to remedy everything.

  12. Hello I just came across your blog,Im very much enjoying it. You sound very much like me stitching... only I have Dr. Pepper next to me and probably fox news in the back ground. also hello to the other Charlene posting. I don't often find someone with my name posting on the same sight nice to see it here. and boy let me tell ya I know all about loosing some stitching mojo ;)