Jul 31, 2012


Thank you for all of your lovely comments.  Sometimes I question my thoughts and feelings about things, and on more than one occasion I've had to ask Aunt Chrissy "Is it just ME, or...???!!!".

(I stand by my dislike of those damn outfits, though, since I am convinced that there are enough "iconic" American looks out there that we could find something other than the crap that our team is wearing year after year.) 

(And yes, in case you're wondering, I will be the last person to kvetch about it if our team shows up wearing Daisy Dukes and tube tops just to spite me.)

(One last thing....is it TOO much to ask that our outfits actually incorporate our national colors?  Why is it necessary for us to be trotting around in hot pink, periwinkle, and grey?)  Come ON people.  Show some respect.  This is the Olympics.

As you might know from Stewey's post, I had been fretting over the brightness of the colors in my Watercolours "Firecracker" skeins.  I'm really loving the depth of the reds and blues in the piece so far, and the skeins I have are just too hot for my liking.  I futzed and futzed with different threads until I had a forehead-smacking epiphany and came up with:
Crazy, no?

In the event that you'd like to try this technique at home, all you need to do is suspend proficiency in everything you've been taught about proper color theory and stitching technique, grab whatever colors you want to use, and then smoosh them all together.   I took one ply of red, one of white, and one of blue (all DMC floss), and then stuck 'em in the needle and went to town.  Easy peasey.

Yes, I'm fully aware that somewhere out there a stitchy-expert has fainted dead away and that there are probably a million and a half things wrong with doing this, but I like it and that's all that matters, right?

(There, dear Betty.  I've saved you the trouble of having to email me to tell me what a boob I am and how I'm corrupting the stitching world with all of my bad grammar and terrible ideas, and how I should just go back to the rock I crawled out from under and blah blah blah.  Stick it in your hat, Betty.  I smooshed with impunity and I'm going to smoosh some more!)

Today was supposed to be the day that I strapped on my cleaning mojo and finally got this house in order.  Naaaaaah.  That's what tomorrows are for.  I think that a few hours of stitching (and smooshing) would be better for this particular spinster, so looks like I'm off to the Happy Chair!  Woo Hoo!


  1. The piece looks fab. And, YES, what does matter ultimately in the end is if YOU like it. Great creatively on your part for combining the DMC. Must keep that in mind for future projects. My favorite line from your post? "Stick it in your hat." LOL.

  2. Coni,

    Actually many people are saying of course, that's needle blending! Sometimes people use it to shade, and sometimes people use it play with color. If I had an actual blog, instead of just a blog in my head, I could show you some examples of places that I have done this, as well.


    P.S. I loved your column in the last Needlepoint Now. I was rolling on the floor as I read it.

  3. Love today's background! And the stitching is pretty fab, too.

  4. It is always so fun to pop in here, you never know what kind of backround there will be. LOVE the blended floss. Enjoy your happy chair time.

  5. Before I even read your post I was all "oooh, love the blended thread section Coni's added!" I love the effect it adds.

    And a big obscene gesture to Betty. Phhhllllbt!

  6. Obviously Betty is a technician, not a true stitcher. If you didn't tell us what you did, she'd never notice. But it looks awesome! Kiss Stewey for me, maybe some greenies would be to his liking instead of the gum! I roared.

  7. First of all, I love the new blog background!! Second, your smooshing is lovely and a great idea!! You are making this piece your own, which is what our stitching obsession is all about, non?

  8. The smooshing looks great! You are one smart lady!

  9. Love the blending! I saw a few posts back that you were possibly starting One Nation during the Olympics?!?! I started mine along with a friend during opening ceremony and it is going to a gigantic beauty!

  10. What the heck is cleaning?? Smoosh away - the Olympics are on!

  11. I just read that the dictionary is the only place that cleaning comes before needlepoint and stitching.

  12. Since the US outfits were made in China, I am guessing the people in china have no idea what our colors are, much less care. I hope next year we have outfits that are made here in the USA! Shame on who ever bought them and approved them!!!

    Love your stitching...I have become a wayward stitcher and have taken up hooking....crocheting, you know what I mean. :)

  13. Love the smooshing! What's the point if you finish something and don't like it? You paid your money and now you get to take your chances...and I think it's very nice.

    Also, I agree about the outfits for the USA in the opening ceremony. They looked liked dandies...and not in a good way! Let's go back to the red, white and blue and fix 'em up with some Daisy Dukes and tube tops!

    Tina S

  14. Oh yes Daisy Dukes and tube tops for everyone. I would love to see Lebron and Koby in Daisy Dukes. Would probably look just as good as they did in those berets.LOL

  15. I guess I wasn't the only person bitching and moaning about the purple leotards the US gymnastics team was wearing one night! I lost count of how many times I asked how come they couldn't wear something that was just a bit more patriotic.

    Love the blending technique you used for your piece. It looks great!