Jul 30, 2012


My mom can't come to the blog right now.  She awoke at the crack of noon, slurped up a vat of coffee, wolfed down a bagel with chive and onion cream cheese, changed the background on her blog, and then decided that she needed a nap.

Yes.  It's evident.  I'm living with Shrek.

Thank you for your concern about my health as it relates to my recent gum-chewing incident.  The old lady exaggerates, of course, and I can verify that I only had the gum in my mouth for a few brief moments before she lost her head and pried my jaws open to retrieve it.  Just between us chickens, though, you should know that I frequently look for any means available for a bit of breath freshening, and I will continue to do so until Mo-ther employs a full time dental specialist to assist me with cleaning my teeth.  I am, if nothing else, fastidious when it comes to hygiene.

Aunt Chrissy and Bosco came over on Friday night to watch the opening ceremonies of the Olympics, and we enjoyed a lovely repast of sloppy joes before settling in to our respective Happy Chairs.  Mo-ther bawled her way through the pageantry of it all (as usual), and then had her normal outraged response to the U.S. outfits.  "Why the **** does Ralph Lauren INSIST on dressing our athletes up like ****ing Delta Airlines flight attendants?!", she bellowed. "For the love of Mike!  Cant' he come up with a nice ****ing pedal pusher and some cowboy hats?!!! Berets!!  Jaunty scarves!!!!  What the **** is up with this??!!!"

By now, we're all used to this, so we just let her go until she either a) tires herself out, or b) heads back into the kitchen to eat something.

As for me, I particularly enjoyed the segment featuring themes from British children's literature.  What can I say?  I'm a complete sucker when it comes to Mary Poppins.

The Olympic stitching has begun, and I'm happy to report that a good section of AmyBear's Seasons was completed.  We've hit a bit of a snag with the multi-colored Watercolours, though, in that the blue is just too bright.  I'm fairly certain that there are suitable alternatives up in the studio, so as soon as I hear snoring come from the big girl sleigh bed, I'll sneak up there to see what I can come up with.  (Before you judge....please understand that I just can't take another four or five days of hand-wringing and hair-pulling as the old lady tries to re-invent the wheel by controlling the existing thread.  It's just a lot easier if I take matters into my own paws and switch the thread out already.)
Since it looks like absolutely nothing is going to be accomplished around here today, I might take advantage of the quiet and finish another library book or two.  We're really quite blessed in our area to have some fabulous libraries, so Mo-ther and I have been trying to take advantage of them a little more.  I'm about half-way through Wolf Hall at the moment, and although it's not my normal fare I am enjoying it immensely.

I do hope that wherever you are is exactly where you want to be on this fine Monday afternoon.  Please take care and know that I remain your loyal and devoted friend.

With love from your pal,


  1. It looks great Coni! I love your color choices (but then again, I always do!). Hope you can find a replacement that you like :)

  2. I too have Seasons on my shelf for my next canvas project...i've pulled some reds whites and blues...what choices did you pick for your colors/?

  3. I think your color choices look great! No need for hair pulling or hand wringing or reinventing of the wheel. I, too, have Seasons and will start as soon as I finish Tahiti this week.

  4. Hi Stewey

    Just to say that if you are enjoying Wolf Hall you should go right ahead and check out the follow up "Bring Up the Bodies" which is terrific. I loved the Olympics Opening Ceremony - sat through the whole thing and felt quite choked up in places and then just laughing at HM the Queen doing her Bond girl bit...priceless. Quite a few in the UK were doubtful that we could pull it off so it's great that so many people seem to have enjoyed it.
    Happy napping Stewey!

    Guildford, UK

  5. Your color choice is just great. Nice start.

  6. Do you think Stewey can teach my Max how to write my blog posts for me? I got a great chuckle out of it. Thank you! :)

  7. Stewey, just love your renditions of Hoosierville Happenings. Enjoy reading it immensely. Cathryn

  8. I love how the colors you have are complementing one another. I wouldn't change a thing!! The Opening Ceremony was incredible and made me wish that I was there; on the drum line, that is, lol!!

  9. You are enjoying Wolf Hall? How did you get past that first paragraph? My 11th grade English teacher would have been horrified at the use of pronouns without a proper antecedent. Nowadays, it gets you a literary prize. I think I will go stitch some more.

  10. I so agree with your Mo-ther about the Ralph Lauren designed uniforms! They looked like they were from another decade.

  11. Totally with you on Ralph Lauren. We should abandon him. Why not Vera Wang (classy) or Lily Pulitzer (fun!)? Let's bombard the USIOC with our demands.

  12. Dear Coni: I loved wolf hall with or with the proper antecedenta. Good Grief. Enjoy your great book.

  13. I fell sorry for out athletes with those outfits they all looked like they should be directing passengers on the "Love Boat". LOL